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GRAND JURY: True Bill, No Bill for Kasey Anderson; True Bill for William Smith

Posted on Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Amanda Kacey Anderson

William “Tim” Smith

The Grundy County Grand Jury met on July 9 and returned the following

Labrina Borne, Failure to Appear, True Bill;

Christa Layne, Failure to Appear, True Bill;

Howell Anderson, Livestock at Large, No Proof;

Charles Brewer, Agg. Assault, No Proof;

Shelby Little, Harassment, No Proof;

Ashley West, ID Theft, True Bill;

Heather Layne, Allow Unlicensed Driver to Drive/False Reports, No Bill;

Tyler McClure, Manufacture Schedule II/ Manufacture Schedule I/ Simple Possession, True Bill;

Larry Krahn, Theft/Agg. Assault/Domestic Violence/Extortion, True Bill;

Steven Moore, Disorderly Conduct, No Bill;

Robert Layman, Sex Offender Registry Violation/ Violation of Community Supervison-2 counts, No Proof;

Anthony Leiderman, Felony Possession II/ Felony Possession IV/Resisting Arrest, True Bill;

Carole Manganaro, Felony Evade/Fail to Yield, No Proof;

Bruce N. Sitz, Cr. Att. 2ndDeg. Murder/Agg. Assualt – 2 counts, True Bill;

Nadine King, Theft/Simp. Poss. II, True Bill;

Heather Schild, Public Intox./Burg. Of Auto/Cr. Trespass/False Reports/Theft/Agg. Child End., True Bill;

Randy Campbell, Public Intox./Burg. Of Auto/Cr. Trespass/False Reports/Theft/Agg. Child End., True Bill;

Robert Brody, Reck. Driving/Evade/Resist, No Bill;

Barry McFarland, DUI, True Bill;

Randall Campbell, Driving on Revoked/Driving on Revoked 2nd/Speeding, No Bill;

Todd Weaver, Consp. To Mfg. II, True Bill;

Jason Thomas, Theft/Felony Evade/Off Road Viol., True Bill;

Kelly Lee Long, Assault/Resist Arrest/Dis. Cond, No Proof;

Darren Nunley, Driving on Revoked/Driving on Revoked 3rd/Reg. Viol./Fin Resp., True Bill;

Anthony Allen, Veh. Assualt/DUI.08/DUI/Driving on Revoked, True Bill;

John M. Dishroon, Felony Poss. II >.5 GR/Felony Poss. II/Felony Poss. IV/Unlawful Poss. Weapon, True Bill;

Darren Nunley, Cr. Trespass/Vandalism/Theft/False Report, True Bill;

Amanda Kasey Anderson, Indecent Exposure/Disorderly Conduct/Coercion of Witness/Public Intox./Resist Arrest, True Bill;

Michael Borne, Driving on Revoked/Leave Scene of Acc./False Report/Reck. Driving/Fail to Render Aid, True Bill;

Labrina Borne, Intro. In Penal Fac./False Report, True Bill;

Nadine King Theft-2 counts, True Bill;

Amanda Kasey Anderson, False Report, No Bill; Labrina Borne, Sim. Poss. Sch. II, True Bill;

Ziad Mulak, Alter Serial Number, True Bill;

Briaunna Partin, Agg. Assualt, True Bill;

Cory Caldwell, Mfg. C.S./Felony Poss. II/Poss. IV/ Poss. VI/Tamper with Evidence/ Para./DUI, True Bill;

 Labrina Borne, Theft-Shoplifting/Para., True Bill;

William Dove, Simp. Poss. II/Simp. Poss. IV, True Bill;

 P.J. Thomas, Unlawful Drug Parra., No Bill;

Timothy Hammer, False Report, No Bill;

Randy Layne, Felony Poss. II/Simple Poss. II, True Bill;

William Smith, Jr., Att. Rape of Child/Agg. Sexual Battery/ Simple Poss. Sch. II/ Criminal Att. Agg. Sexual Battery, True Bill;

Jon Hutcheson, Simple Poss. II/Simple Poss. IV-2 counts/ Resist Arrest, True Bill;

Jennifer Myer, False Reports/Dis. Conduct, No Bill;

Zaid Mutlak, Sale of Alcohol to Minor, True Bill;

Randy Tucker, Fraud. Use of Credit Debit Card-10 counts/Forgery-10 counts/Unlawful Poss. Weapon, True Bill;

Steven T. Moore, Ill. Poss/Fraud Use Credit Debit Card-2 ccounts/Theft, True Bill;

Eric Manceaux, Rape of Child/Agg.Sex. Battery, True Bill;

Dennis Dykes, Theft of Property, True Bill;

Charles McDaniel, Theft of Property, True Bill;

Robert Benderman, Felony Poss. II/Simple Poss. VI, Para./Crim. Imperson./Driving on Revoked/False Report, True Bill;

Steven Hamilton, Agg. Assult/Agg. Crim. Trespass, No Bill;

Robert Layman, Driving on Revoked/Simple Poss. Sch. VI/Resist Arrest, True Bill;

Jack Rice, Felony Poss. Sch. VI/Contrib. to Delinq., True Bill;

Alicia Evans, Agg. Burg./Theft/Forg./Cr. Trespass, True Bill;

Kelly Lee Long, Public Intoxication, True Bill.

Only individuals who have been served are listed above. At press time, 19 persons had not been served and are not listed above.