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GCSO takes over search for local man

Posted on Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 8:51 am

Missing Grundy man Josh Day

Tracy City, Tenn. – As hours turn into days, a local family continues to hope for the best as the search continues for Josh Day. Day disappeared while riding a four-wheeler in the Foster Falls area on Friday the 24th. Initially, the search was spearheaded by Marion County Sheriff’s Office because of the jurisdiction in which the four-wheeler was located, but according to Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum that has changed.

“Initially we had some question as to where, exactly, the scene was,” Shrum continued, “Initially we were going to let Park Services lead the investigation just because they are more familiar with the territory, but then MCSO and I figured out the scene fell outside of the park property.” Shrum offered some of what was going on in the search. “We’re going to bring in a dog team and see if they can pick something up after the recent showers.” Shrum went on to say, “We also had the Tennessee Highway Patrol helping us late Saturday night flying their infrared chopper over the area to see if we could get a hit.” Shrum acknowledged the picturesque landscape wasn’t helping in terms of a search. “The trees and growth there are so dense that it’s hard to get a view from above so we’re having to do a lot on foot and the terrain just makes it hard to cover a lot of ground quickly.”

Following the dog teams being brought in, Shrum confirmed that the dog teams yielded no progress on the search for Day. Shrum said the GCSO has asked the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) to assist on the search in hopes to bring more resources and manpower towards locating Day.

Matt Blansett with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office said, “We’ve done everything on our side that we can do. The four-wheeler was found just over the line on our side, but Day hadn’t been seen anywhere but in Grundy.” Blansett added, “We’ve offered to assist in any way that we could but there was nothing that pointed to him being on the Marion County side of the line.”

Shrum stated, “The Grundy County Sheriff’s Office is going to do whatever we need to find the young man.”  The four-wheeler was located with ample gas and “started right up” according to Shrum. When asked about whether Shrum felt this was a rescue or a recovery, Shrum replied “Right now, we’re still very much considering this a rescue investigation.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to call Grundy County Sheriff’s Office at (931) 692-3466.