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GCHS Athletes Never Rest

Posted on Thursday, June 2, 2016 at 1:37 pm

While the 2016 school year has ended in Grundy County, summer break brings a time of leisure and relaxation to many students, but not all of them. Whereas most students get to enjoy sleeping in, playing outdoors, swimming or going on vacation, GCHS athletes prepare to embark on the rigors of conditioning, practice, and summer ball games.

The month of June is possibly the most challenging time of the year for athletes. It can take its toll on players, especially multisport athletes. The multisport athlete may compete from daylight to dark, juggling up to three sports daily as they prepare for the 2016-2017 school year in sports. Other athletes, likewise, must train vigorously to be ready for their respective sport.

sportsGCHS sports including football, volleyball, golf, cross-country, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, baseball, softball, cheerleading, and the anglers of our fishing team are continually working with their dedicated coaches to hone their skills to represent their school to the best of their abilities. These young men and women, along with their coaches, sacrifice hours and hours of their time so we, as fans, can enjoy a couple of hours of entertainment throughout the school year.

These challenges are the foundation that mold a team – a group of young athletes dedicating themselves for a common goal. Through many hours of hard work, they are preparing for the opportunity to reap the rewards that come through participation.

As fans, we go about our daily routines waiting for the games to begin. We just want to see the action. We never stop to think of the hard work these athletes put in so we can enjoy those couple of hours of entertainment. If our team loses, we want to know what they could have done better. Why did they do this or why didn’t they do that? Even if our team wins, we are sometimes skeptical of the strategy or the effort. We want more. Why didn’t we win by a bigger margin or how can we beat our next opponent with that effort?

We need to realize these athletes are under pressure every time they step out on the proverbial athletic stage. They know we want them to win. Trust me; no one wants to win as bad as they do. They are the ones that have toiled in the elements Mother Nature throws at them to prepare for the games. They put the most pressure on themselves, because they want to compete.

If you ever played a sport, remember what it was like. These kids need your support through the bad times, as well as the good times. Let them know you care. Let them know their hard work is appreciated. After all, they could just spend the summer sleeping in, swimming, playing outdoors, or going on vacation. If that happened, what would we do for entertainment?

Sports’ Notes

The Yellow Jacket and Lady Yellow Jacket basketball teams are preparing to go to several basketball camps over the next few weeks. The Jackets will be attending team camps at

Maryville College, Van Buren County High, Murfreesboro Oakland High, Ravenwood High and Eagleville High. The Lady Jackets will attend team camps at Wayne County High, Lebanon High, and Northwest Whitfield High in Dalton, Georgia.

Congratulations are in order for three officials with local ties that were selected to work the state baseball and softball tournaments at last week’s Spring Fling in Murfreesboro. Preston

Miller and Gerald Tidwell worked the baseball tournament, while Bennett Boynton worked the softball tournament. Preston and Bennett represented the Sequachee Valley Umpire’s Association, while Gerald represented the Central Tennessee Umpire’s Association. Preston is the mayor of Coalmont, while Bennett and Gerald were administrators and coaches in the school system a few years back.

Congratulations also to the Marion County Lady Warrior softball team on their third place finish in the Class A state softball tournament. The Lady Warriors made it to the winner’s bracket finals before losing to eventual champion Meigs County and runner-up Silverdale.