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Fults addresses students at Honor Code ceremony

Posted on Friday, September 6, 2019 at 4:18 pm

After spending seven weeks over the summer studying language and culture in Russia, Alexa Fults returned to the University of the South on August 12, to work with Dr. Chris McDonough and other students who were involved in the FYP mentor program. Alexa’s first experience with FYP was at the beginning of her freshman year in 2017. As part of that experience Alexa wrote her final paper for the course entitled Grundy County: A Legacy and Chronology of Coal. That paper, written for Dr. Gatta, led to Alexa’s being invited to take part in the “Mine 21” documentary.
The response to the first fifteen minutes of “Mine 21” was outstanding. People were so impressed that they asked additional information be added and the documentary be increased in length. During the spring of 2019, McDonough, Kelsey Arbuckle, and Alexa spent a few days presenting and discussing the documentary at Yale University. Additional minutes were filmed and plans were made for adding them to the original film.
During FYP this year, more scenes were captured and plans were made to add those to the already short but successful documentary. Now we can look forward to seeing the completed film which will hopefully air this fall on PBS in Chattanooga and Nashville.
In 2017, Alexa had her first experience with the Honor Council. As a new student at Sewanee, she was excited to make her pledge and sign the Honor Code. Shortly after, she threw her hat in the ring and ran for the freshman seat on the Honor Council. Alexa was elected by her fellow students and became the only freshman from the class of 2021 to serve on the Honor Council. She was reelected the following year, and, as a sophomore, was chosen to serve as Vice Chair. During her sophomore year, she became Chair making her the youngest Chair in the history of the university. As a junior, Alexa continues to be Chair of the Honor Council.
New student orientation was a busy week in Sewanee which began on August 24, and concluded on August 27. According to the University’s schedule of events during that week, Alexa as Chair of the Honor Council joined the university administrators in a discussion of “the essential expectations for academic, honor, and personal behavior within the Sewanee community.” Also, members of the Honor Council met with orientation groups “to discuss academic expectations and introduce the Honor Code.” Alexa’s most important part of Orientation came On August 27, when she addressed the new freshman C’23 and transfer students during the Signing of the Honor Code ceremony.

Alexa Fults, Chair of the Honor Council, is pictured as she addressed the freshmen C’23 and transfer students during the Signing of the Honor Code ceremony, at Sewanee, on August 27. Seated are Vice Chancellor McCardell and Dean Gentry. Photo by Buck Butler.