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From Your Trustee

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 10:46 am


tyler McCullough

TylerI am very excited to announce the release of Grundy County Trustee’s Office very first, fully functional, all-inclusive web site at After several months, and hours upon hours, I completed the site this week. It was around a year ago when this was born in my heart and it consumed my life until I was able to get it complete.

In 2014, when I was elected Trustee the lines on February 28, the wait time for citizens waiting to pay their taxes was long. In the summer following that year, I began to pray and really think about my options to improve that situation.

Grundy County is around 350 square miles and it is spread out in terms of distance from the county seat to some of the other towns. As you know, we began implementing several different payment options and sites to allow citizens to pay their taxes. I can say that since we have implemented the many different ways and places to pay your taxes, the delinquency rate is at all-time lows. As your Trustee, I will continue to create and invest in the citizens of this county. The addition of this web site is just another great tool that we are going to use to make the Trustee’s office more user friendly each and every year.

There are so many features that I cannot name them all. But, to name a few, each March we have a delinquent tax sale. Those interested can look on the web site and get a list of all properties to be sold, date, and time of sale.

I have been working for several months now on a program to be released at a later date and time, but very briefly it will concern financial awareness and we will change the economic conditions surrounding each and everyone. The poverty rate in Grundy County is around 29 percent and that is too high and has been for way to long. This web site is going to be a great tool that I will be using to greatly reduce that number.

If you want to see where your tax dollars are going this is available as well. Every year, when the County Commission sets the tax rate, there will be an in depth break down of the tax rate as well as all county budgets, I want every citizen to know exactly where their tax dollars are being spent and that I am being a good steward of their monies.

Investments are another topic that I am constantly monitoring and changing on a very frequent basis. This past year, I was elected by my peers across the state to be president of the association. Investments was a key topic at many meetings and I was always quick to brag to the other trustees on the amount of interest we as a county were receiving on our current investments. The other trustee’s would joke and say, “Can we send our money with you to invest our monies where you invest Grundy County’s?” That will be on the web site as well.

There are so many more features and functions on the web site so please take some time and look it over and see all the features and take advantage of its benefits.

This has been a great start to tax season for myself and my staff. We have collected around 65 percent of the total amount of property taxes to account for. Just a friendly reminder that February 28, will be the last day to pay your current land taxes without a penalty. March 30, will be the last day to pay the 2015 delinquent taxes. As of April 1, the delinquent tax attorney will have those in his possession. I want to make every effort to help everyone and make sure his or her taxes do not get turned over to the tax attorney. However, there are some things out of my control and I am required to follow state laws.

I hope each of you have a great week. It is a true honor to serve you and this wonderful county in the capacity that God and each of you have given me.