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From the Mayor’s Desk

Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 at 10:28 am


michael brady

I hope this article finds you, the citizens of Grundy County, well. We always strive to be good stewards of Grundy County’s finances. As promised, we always want to keep you well informed.

All the County’s finances are in a healthy state; however, our Solid Waste & Sanitation Fund is diminishing at a rapid rate. When we took office, we were aware of this and are taking the necessary steps to ensure that this service remains secure.

michael bradyThis budget is mostly funded through our penny structure. One penny on our current tax rate results in approximately $19,000 in revenue for the county. This fund is now receiving 18 pennies -roughly $342,000. This account had a fund balance reserve of $1,607,000 in 2010-2011 Fiscal Year. Total pennies in that fiscal year for the Solid Waste and Sanitation Fund was 27, which is a difference of 9 pennies.

Diverting these pennies in the 2011 and 2012 budget this results in a $171,000 difference. Currently, our balance in the Solid Waste and Sanitation Fund is at approximately $770,000. With this account diminishing reserves, it shows a red flag. This red flag leaves only two options: add more revenues and/or cut expenses. With current budget statuses, we must keep the penny structure at 18 for the Solid Waste and Sanitation Fund until next year to evaluate how the penny structure would be most efficiently budgeted.

To help alleviate the stress on this account, we will be implementing the following new measures. We will be closing the convenience centers on Sundays starting in September. To phase this in, during the month of September, the centers in Altamont, Gruetli-Laager and Tracy City will remain open on Sunday. This cut in hours saves over $20,000.

Also, we will no longer be accepting certain organic materials at the convenience centers. These items include the following: dirt, leaves, gravel, rock, asphalt, concrete, bricks, brush and raw wood (logs, tree limbs).

We are working with the State of Tennessee to try to implement a recycling program for Grundy County. This will cut down on tonnage and hopefully offset our trash disposal costs.

Again, we want to be good stewards of the county’s finances and manage your funds well. We are diligently monitoring our Solid Waste Fund and by next budget year, we will have this issue resolved. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the County Mayor’s office.