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From The Mayor’s Desk

Posted on Friday, April 3, 2015 at 10:39 am


michael brady

As the warm and beautiful springtime weather comes around, along with the wonderful citizens, I am again reminded of how blessed I am to live in Grundy County. It is with humble and sincere thanks to you, the citizens of Grundy County, for the opportunity to serve you. It is a continual initiative of the County Mayor’s Office to always inform you and be as transparent as possible. I feel it an honor to once again address you concerning the issues of our great Grundy County.

Several concerns of citizens have surfaced in which I would like to address from the Mayor’s desk. The first topic of discussion is the construction of our detention facility. The inclement weather impacted the ability to do site preparation. Poor weather conditions also affected the local quarries ability to produce gravel for the site preparation. During these weather delays, Geo-tech made the determination of how to best prep the site for construction. With the weather improving, the construction should speed up significantly.

michael bradyAs promised, Grundy County would have an influence in our State and Federal Government. On March 18, Grundy County had a “Grundy County Day on the Hill”. During this trip, over 40 individuals, including some local officials, visited with legislators and showcased our beautiful county. During this “Day on the Hill”, we addressed the vital needs of Grundy County’s economic growth, infrastructure and services.

Also, this past week, I was part of a delegation chosen to go to Washington, DC. During this trip, I had the opportunity to speak with our congressional representatives and senators. The main initiative of this trip was transportation, however, I took the opportunity to discuss important issues that I feel will affect Grundy County and move it forward. During this trip, I got to speak with other County Mayors about programs, among other things, that are working in their respected counties. One notable mayor, County Mayor Waters, who has served as Mayor of Sevierville for 40 years, gave me some valuable advice on economic growth and services. The Tennessee Tuesday at our nation’s capital enabled me to speak with state officials regarding funding, job growth, and infrastructure.

We have been working hard on our economic plans. Tourism will be a vital part of economic growth for Grundy County. The Conservation Board, in correlation with our National Parks Grant Technical Assistance, has identified several prospective projects regarding tourism.  Currently, there is an initiative to turn the Shady Valley Nursery property into a state park with RV campsites, possible cabins, boating, and fishing among other recreational activities. This project is the result of talks dating back to 2011 when the Grundy 1st group was meeting and working toward tourism growth. Also, we have been in contact with State and Federal Governments of the ever important infrastructure. Any successful economy must support the local businesses already in operation in the county. Our endeavors look promising and hopefully we will be making an announcement in the very near future. Grundy County applied for a grant to do a sewer line extension which has prepped the 108/56 junction for any future businesses and those businesses that are soon-to-be constructed.

As always, it is always our goal to be good stewards of Grundy County’s finances: to be efficient, make cuts and liquidations, and all other sources of revenue. Currently we are working toward a five-year financial plan, developing ways to be grant-worthy and save money. One such way is landfill deferment. Grundy County spends a large sum for disposing of garbage in our Solid Waste and Sanitation Fund. If we can defer 40 percent, it will save Grundy County thousands of dollars and make us eligible for several grants. We are currently working toward a plan to meet that deferment goal.

It is our continual goal to move Grundy County forward. We will aggressively face issues and challenges with professionalism, focus and vision. The County Mayor’s Office is driven by the mission statement, “How will the actions and decisions we make today affect Grundy County tomorrow?” Our office is your office and will always possess an open-door policy. We invite you to share your concerns and ideas to make our Grundy County better.

I sincerely thank you for the honor to serve you, the citizens of Grundy County. As you gather with your family this Easter holiday, please remember what a blessing we have through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. May God richly bless you, your family and Grundy County.