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From The Mayor’s Desk

Posted on Friday, November 14, 2014 at 9:51 am

michael brady


michael brady

It is my pleasure to serve you as your Grundy County Mayor. I hope each of you is doing well. The Mayor’s office is your office, and will diligently keep you informed on the important issues we face. We have been very busy with day-to-day tasks, as well as a host of important issues.

First, I would like to address the recent audit of Grundy County. The Mayor’s office is taking this issue very seriously. We feel this is an opportunity for the Mayor’s office to step up, be efficient and good stewards and show that we will protect the county’s funds.

The initial step, and one of the findings from the Mayor’s office, was the lack of an Audit Committee. The committee was formed; however, appointments to that committee were not made until 2014. The committee never met – therefore the violation remained. The Committee met this past Monday and will meet with each department and state auditors. The committee will make recommendations and submit minutes of the meetings to eliminate the lack of an audit committee violation.

The next finding was gross salary documented. Each office submits a budget request each year. In this request, the official itemizes each line item along with each employee’s salary and the results are filed. After the budget is passed the offices enter into an inner local agreement, which is signed and filed by both the official and Mayor. After a conversation with the comptroller’s office, those salaries are documented in two files; we are required to have it documented in the employees file. We have already started this documenting and this will eliminate this finding.

The last finding was the required purchase order for any purchase over $100. Some purchase orders were made after the purchase. We are taking steps to eliminate this issue. We have met with the department heads to clarify this requirement and what purchases require purchase orders, along with distributing copies of our purchasing policy handbook. Any purchase made without a purchase order will not be a purchase of the county, rather the purchase of the individual and at that individual’s expense. This will eliminate the finding of a purchase order made after the purchase. Again, the mayor’s office is taking the audit very seriously and will take every step possible to limit findings.

I would like to give you a status update on the issue of our jail. The fire marshal visited our facility and I am glad to report that all findings have been corrected. The general contractor for the new facility has been selected; however, no contract has or will be signed until the state fire marshal stamps the drawing for approval. We want to make sure the facility meets standards and no unexpected costs arise. Some prep work may take place in the next few weeks, but construction will not start until the approval. Estimated time once started to complete is 385 days.

The county convenience centers have seen some disruption due to a serious lack in containers. The first week in office, I applied for a recycle grant for new containers and to finish out the centers in Tarlton Valley and Hubbard’s Cove. Those grants are awarded in November. The new containers will be ordered at the end of November. We have temporally patched and welded containers , but most are extremely rusted and not repairable. We also have a limited number of containers. We are giving this our utmost attention so as not to cause any further disruption.

We have completed the Grundy County video showcasing our beloved county. We have several copies to take to Nashville for the “Grundy Day on the Hill” trip and distribute as a Grundy County marketing video. If you have not seen it, you can view it on the Grundy 1st Facebook page.

There is a united effort to bring back the Grundy County Fair. The motto seems to be ‘Dream Big Grundy County’. Please make plans to attend the next meeting because it will require lots of community support to bring back the Grundy County Fair. That meeting will be November 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the courthouse in the large court room.

We are recruiting diligently. We have our economic plan in place and feel that our efforts will pay off. We are working with the conservation Board and others to utilize our greatest asset which is our beautiful landscape and those economic possibilities.

Again, the Mayor’s office is your office, and always an open door to you. Please contact me with any questions or concerns, because your concerns matter. The office number is 692-3718 or email me at Your prayers are greatly appreciated and may God richly bless each family and our county.