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Former Monteagle Pain Doc Faces Discipline Committee

Posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 1:23 pm

Jonathan Leeds Costa, MD, a former pain management doctor in Monteagle, faces the following disciplinary charges: doc
Unprofessional, dishonorable or unethical conduct; gross healthcare liability or a pattern of continued or repeated healthcare liability, ignorance, negligence or incompetence in the course of medical practice; dispensing, prescribing or otherwise distributing any controlled substance or any other drug not in the course of professional practice, or otherwise distributing any controlled substance in violation of any law of the state or of the United states, to wit: prescribing controlled substances without creating or maintaining medical records; failed to adhere to rules and/or statute regarding a physician to prescribe or dispense any drug to any individual, whether in person or by electronic means or over the internet or telephone lines, unless the physician, or his/or licensed supervisee pursuant to appropriate protocols or medical orders, has first done and appropriately documented, for the person to whom a prescription is to be issued or drugs dispensed, as follows: performed an appropriate history and physical examination; and made a diagnosis based upon the examinations and all diagnostic and laboratory tests consistent with good medical care; and formulated a therapeutic plan, and discussed it, along with the bases for it and the risks and benefits of various treatments options, a part of which might be prescriptions or dispensed drug, with the patient; and insured availability of the physician or coverage for the patient for appropriate follow-up care; failed to adhere to Code of Medical Ethics regarding sexual misconduct
License voluntarily retired; assessed costs not to exceed $2,000