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EMT not welcome in local business

Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 9:18 am

Full Circle Gifts in Monteagle, Tennessee

A Grundy County Emergency Services employee visited a local Monteagle business earlier this week and was made to feel unwelcome.

The EMT worker stated on social media that while on duty in the Monteagle area she visited Full Circle Gifts. Upon entering the business, the owner questioned her right to be there while on duty. The EMT worker explained that she was in her coverage area and allowed to visit businesses. The owner, according to the EMT, went on to say she doesn’t need to hear the radio calls and “basically asked us to leave.”

The EMT  stated in her social media post that she has previously visited businesses while on duty, with her radio on, and is welcomed by local business owners.

There are several ways to look at the situation, and none reflect positively on the owner of Full Circle Gifts.

Grundy EMT stations ambulances in various areas throughout the county. This allows for a quick response time to 911 calls and is a potentially life saving move. During downtime, while still on duty, EMT’s can sit in their ambulances or, with their radios on in case an emergency call comes in, leave their vehicles and visit community businesses.

By implying that the EMT should silence her radio, the store owner offended the EMT worker and showed a lack of respect for her job. Taking this a step further, if the EMT had turned off her radio while in the business, lives could have been impacted. What if a call came in and the EMT missed the call? Would lives be lost?

I would like to suggest that Grundy EMT workers value their job above the unfortunate actions of others. Comments on the social media post questioned whether the owner would receive appropriate emergency care after her treatment of the EMT. EMT officers have a duty to the public and I think no matter who was involved in a scene to which they responded, they would give that person the best possible care – whether that person was a relative, a friend, someone they don’t know, OR a person who had disrespected their person and profession.

“If you can’t sell to me in my uniform, you can’t sell to me without my uniform,” stated the EMT worker on her social media post.

EMT workers are  considered first responders. Kudos to the many local businesses who welcome them.

The Facebook page for Full Circle Gifts was deleted overnight. I spoke to the owner, Nora Liu who apologized for the incident. She stated she did not ask the EMT worker to leave but she asked “as a curtesy” for her to take the radio outside during calls.

Also, it is important to note, Full Circle Gifts is not related to another mountain business, Full Circle Candles. Full Circle Candles is located inside Hallelujah Pottery. The owner of the candle business stated in the comments of the social media post that everyone is welcome at Hallelujah Pottery and Full Circle Candles.

A big shout out to all Grundy EMS workers. You do an excellent job and I, among with the community, thank you for your service.