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Posted on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 1:47 pm

The qualifying deadline for candidates running in the May 6, 2014 primary elections is only two weeks away, making February 20 the last day for anyone undecided about seeking office.  Both the Grundy County Republican and Democrat Party Executive Committee Members requested a Primary Election for Tuesday, May 6, 2014.

State law is set up where both the Republican and Democrat Party can opt to hold primaries on the same day for selecting nominees placed on the General Election ballot in August. With both parties participating in the May Primary, the winners from both sides will “face off” against each other along with independent candidates that qualified also. An Independent candidate may qualify for any office that will be on the May Primary ballot. In this situation the Independent candidate must file his/her petition at the same time as primary candidates. However, Independents by-pass the primary and run with the winners from the primary in August. 

To summarize it all, it is safe to say, the August Election will decide who will be elected to serve us the next four years. A Primary is just a first step to getting there. 

Our Republican and Democrat Party members have always had the option to have a primary or caucus to get their candidate.  During the past fifteen years, the local Republican Party would have a caucus in order to nominate a candidate for a certain county office and that person would run against the Democrat nominee from the May Primary and any Independents. As far back as I can remember (and I’m sure there are many, many more county residents that have a much broader memory for local politics than me), this is the first May Primary Election with both parties opening up for candidates to file petitions and let the voters pick the nominee.

I’m sure everyone that regularly votes is aware every two years in August we have a State Primary Election. When going into the polling location, we must first mark the primary of our choice – the reason is to let Election Workers know which one of the two primary ballots you want to Vote. A person cannot Vote in two primaries on the same day – it is one or the other. This May Election is the same principal – the only difference is the month in which the election takes place.

Voters will need to look at each political parties sample ballot before making the decision on which primary to choose and like all primary elections, you must vote a straight party ticket, as it is commonly referred. Primaries do not cross over party lines. The sample ballot from both the Republican and Democrat Party will be on display in the local newspapers, local TV and at the different Voting locations on Election Day.

In Tennessee, a voter can change their political party preference from election to election, how we vote one time doesn’t affect the next election, meaning we can vote in a certain primary this May and the other party primary in August without a problem.

We have issued 51 petitions for offices in the May Primary but only 20 candidates have officially filed so far. Candidates may wait until February 20 at the noon deadline, but we urge against waiting. On the last day, petitions are checked in the order of arrival and if a candidate’s petition isn’t certified by the noon deadline, that petition is considered late and cannot be accepted. All of this is in accordance with state law.

For your convenience, we are placing a listing of all candidates in the May Primary to date and any Independent candidates running for an office that will appear on the May Primary Ballot.

For further information, we welcome you to call our office at 931-692-3551.

Please check the following list of candidates that have picked up petitions and those that have filed.

Petitions issued for the May 6, 2014 Republican Party Primary:

County Mayor

County Commissioner – District One (vote for 3) – Charles L. Clabbers, Wayne Harris, Danny Lusk (Clabbers has filed)

County Commissioner – District Two (vote for 3) – Derrick Waggoner

County Commissioner – District Three (vote for 3) – Anthony E. Jones

General Sessions Judge

County Trustee

Sheriff (vote for one) – Joe Greenwell

Circuit Court Clerk (vote for one) – Latosha Barrett

County Clerk

Register of Deeds

Road Superintendent

Constable – District One

Constable – District Two

Constable – District Three

Petitions issued for the May 6, 2014 Democrat Party Primary:

County Mayor – Michael Brady, Lonnie D. Cleek, Wanda J. Meeks, Emily C. Partin, Ralph Rieben (Brady, Meeks, Partin and Rieben have filed)

County Commissioner – District One (vote for 3) – Gregory Burnett, Mike Cordell, David Lockhart (Burnett and Lockhart have filed)

County Commissioner – District Two (vote for 3) – Dennis Jones, Jared Meeks, Robert Short, Billy D. Smartt, Daniel Crabtree (Meeks has filed)

County Commissioner – District Three (vote for 3) – Derryl Graham, David Griswold, Theron Gross, John Hargis, Charles Rollins (Gross has filed)

General Sessions Judge – Wm Riley (Trey) Anderson, III (filed)

County Trustee (vote for one) – Linda S. Childers, April M. Fults, Sonya Garner, Tyler McCullough (Childers, Fults, Garner, and McCullough have filed)

Sheriff (vote for one) – Ronald D. Bess, Brent Myers, Clint Shrum (Shrum has filed)

Circuit Court Clerk (vote for one) – Melody Oliver, Kelly Ruehling (Oliver and Ruehling have filed)

County Clerk (vote for one) – Nathan Sanders, Tammy Sholey (Sholey has filed)

Register of Deeds (vote for one) – Gayle VanHooser (filed)

Road Superintendent (vote for one) – Johnny R. Fults, Dewayne Hargis, Michael Meeks, Chris Rogers (Fults and Hargis have filed)

Constable – District One (vote for one) – Lemuel Brady, Neil Caldwell

Constable – District Two (vote for one) – Phillip Stephens

Constable – District Three (vote for one) – Tim King

**Winners from each primary will run against each other in the August General Election along with any Independent Candidates that qualified.

Those qualifying to run in the August General Election as Independent for offices appearing on the May Primary Ballot are as follows:

District One County Commissioner – Scotty Hoosier

Sheriff – Tony Bean

District One Constable – Chris Boyd, Larry Nunley

District Two Constable – Ryan Coffelt

12th Judicial District Candidates:

Republican Party:

Circuit Court Judge, Part I (vote for one)

Circuit Court Judge, Part II (vote for one)

Circuit Court Judge, Part III (vote for one) – Justin C. Angel

Chancellor (vote for one)

District Attorney General (vote for one)

Public Defender (vote for one)

Democrat Party:

Circuit Court Judge, Part I (vote for one) – Thomas W. Rusty Graham

Circuit Court Judge, Part II (vote for one) – J. Curtis Smith

Circuit Court Judge, Part III vote for one) – Steve Blount

Chancellor (vote for one) – Jeffrey F. Stewart

District Attorney General (vote for one) – Mike Taylor

Public Defender (vote for one) – Jeff Harmon