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Easter storms leaves troubled roads

Posted on Thursday, April 23, 2020 at 1:51 pm

Along with whatever damages Grundy County residents and their neighboring county residents may have endured personally from the storms that thundered through the region Easter night, there is another burden that effects many. Many secondary and state roads coming off the mountain sustained serious to severe damage.
One example of that is the main passageways between Grundy and Marion Counties. Arguably one of the main thoroughfares for Grundy County employees being State Road 150, the storms have relegated that road to a one lane road for a stretch going down the decline just North of Jasper. Though not a very long stretch, the one-lane is about half a mile from where the road starts down the mountain and falls in a curvy part of the road. The light cycle seems to test one’s patience for those who travel the stretch consistently. Jennifer Flynn, with TDOT, said in a correspondence, “Our geotechnical engineers have reviewed the site which was undermined during the heavy rainfall that occurred on Easter Sunday. They are worki9ng with our district and regional personnel to determine the appropriate repair method for this site and get funding to complete the repairs. Until the repairs are made, SR-150 will remain reduced to one lane with the use of the temporary traffic signals.” Flynn indicated that TDOT was still working, but were employing safety measures in line with CDC recommendations.
At least that stretch is passable. Several people that live in the eastern part of Grundy made use of Sequatchie Mountain Road to come down the mountain into Sequatchie. Not here lately, as the picture reveals, that road was washed completely out leaving several back-tracking to find another way down the mountain.
However, Jim Hawk, Marion County Road Commissioner, said, “Marion County got hit pretty good with two or three completely washed out roads, but we’ve currently got Sequatchie County Road open with one lane and we’re talking to the engineers today to see how fast we can shore up that grade to make sure we can put the road back up there safely.”
So whereas the roads are passable approaching the affected areas with caution is the universal advice as traffic flow will, obviously, be slower than normal.