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Did Brown remove Burrows’ wallet or not? A question from last week’s hearing

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2019 at 6:19 pm

Former Grundy County Sheriff’s Office deputy Mike Brown testified last week at a hearing held to determine if Adam Braseel will be granted a new trial in the 2006 murder of Malcolm Burrows. During Brown’s testimony, he was led through the finding of Burrows’ wallet when he discovered the body.

At Wednesday’s hearing, Brown stated under oath that he discovered the body of Malcolm Burrows. He said he saw Burrows’ wallet in his back pocket and removed the wallet. Brown testified that he opened the wallet and saw Burrows’ identification and returned the wallet to Burrows’ pocket. He described the wallet in detail to the court – stating that it was a thick, bi-fold wallet.

However, in 2017, Brown swore in an affidavit to a different sequence of events concerning Burrows’ wallet. In his affidavit, Brown states that when he discovered the body of Malcolm Burrows, “I observed that Mr. Burrows’ wallet was in his back pocket at that time. I did not remove the wallet or otherwise move the body.”

Brown’s statement as to not removing the wallet made in his affidavit is reinforced by Braseel’s lawyer Alex Little. He reiterates the same statement – that the wallet was not removed – in the Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus filed in 2017.

A more in-depth report of last week’s hearing will be available in this week’s Grundy County Herald, on stands Wednesday evening.


Documents related to the petition filed by Little and to Brown’s affidavit were obtained by the Grundy County Herald soon after the filing date. However, they are available to the public on a website run by some of Braseel’s supporters.