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Posted on Wednesday, June 11, 2014 at 9:06 am

creighton store

Folks in Coalmont are planning an event at the old Creighton Store that you will not want to miss. On Saturday, June 14 the store will host a yard sale and a bake sale with live entertainment and plenty of good food available inside and outside the store. All proceeds will go to the renovation and preservation of this historical site.

As many of you know, the Creighton Grocery Store, pictured here, was an icon in Grundy County for a very long time. The owners were known for their kind deeds and generosity but many of their most generous acts were done anonymously.

Sam Creighton, the last of the three Creighton family members who ran the little country store, has received a certificate confirming that his store was the oldest business in Coalmont. Even though the Creighton “store-keeping” legacy may not live on, many people think it would be a tragedy to lose a historical building that has stood for almost one hundred years.

For almost a century, the focal point of this historical landmark was the pot-bellied stove that sat in the center of the building. This little stove not only provided heat for the store on cold winter days, but it was the source of a different kind of warmth on hot summer days. Rarely did a customer fail to “set a spell” around the little pot-bellied stove to discuss world and community events, eat, drink, tease each other, and laugh together. People could walk into the store as a stranger and leave as a friend, and that transformation often took place around the famed pot-bellied stove.

Very appropriately, a small replica of that pot-bellied stove will serve as a collection container for the money made at this benefit and any donations received for restoring and preserving the building on the day of the event. A special account has been set up just for this project so donations by check can be made out to the Creighton Store. Other work has already been done to save the store from destruction and more work is needed. The store is destined to be re-purposed, so this is a good chance for you to see what has already been done and to offer your valuable suggestions as to how it can best serve the people in the future.

Creighton Store spring fling

If you are feel the old Creighton Store should be saved, please help support the cause by donating any yard sale items, home-baked goods, or products for hotdog and hamburger lunches that can be sold at this “Summer Fling” event. Anyone willing to volunteer their help and all donations are sincerely appreciated. Hamburger patties, potato chips, bottled water and soft drinks have already been donated, but the following are still needed: all-meat hotdogs, buns for the hamburgers and hotdogs, condiments, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and cookies, cakes, or cupcakes for dessert.

The bake sale and yard sale will begin at 10:00 a.m. and continue throughout the day along with activities, surprises and fun. Live entertainment will take place throughout the day. A restroom and chairs will be available for your convenience.

June 14 promises to be a day of summer fun and celebration. Don’t miss the festivities and the opportunity to shop, laugh, eat and be entertained – all for the noble cause of saving an important piece of Grundy County history.

All yard sale items must be received in advance so they can be displayed properly. Please remember that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure – almost anything you no longer want or need will be appreciated. Contact Lyn (Ethlyn) at (931) 592-9360 or 865-696-1344 or Ted at 865-696-4688 to make arrangements for donation pick-up and delivery.