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County Commission Shoots Down School Budget

Posted on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 at 8:29 am

County Commission shoots down school budget

In a letter received by Grundy County Director of Schools Willie Childers early this week, the Grundy County Commission made it clear that that they do not support the 2015-2016 budget for Grundy County Schools. In the letter, Grundy County Mayor Michael Brady questioned a decrease in expected revenues, and a reduction in the General Debt Contributions.

“It appears there has been a $218,000 reduction in this line (General Debt Collection), which is believed to be the elementary school renovations project. As discussed previously, it is our understanding that the school system will make this principal payment,” stated Brady in the letter. “The burden of this payment to Grundy County, which has already contributed over $1,000,000 to this project, would stress the Debt Service Fund, not being able to sustain.”school board

Brady continued his explanations of the County Commissions denial of the school budget by informing Childers the county is seeking to secure an emergency room and bring new jobs to the area. “Without the full contribution of this payment, obtaining capital outlay notes for such county projects will be near, if not totally impossible.”

Tim Spicer, chairman of the Grundy County School Board, hopes the County Commission and board can work together to find a solution and pass the budget before the October 1 deadline.

“Dr. Childers has been instructed to plan on operating under a continuation budget after July 1. If the County Commission has not approved the Board of Education’s budget by October 1, then the Commissioner of Education will have the authority to withhold all state funds from Grundy County, halting the education of Grundy County children and the employment of many Grundy County citizens,” Spicer told the Herald. “We hope and trust that the County Commission will not allow such a crisis to develop. The Board of Education greatly appreciates all the hard work the County Commission does on behalf of our county. We will work diligently with the Commission to resolve this matter as soon as possible for all involved.”