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Count it! Lock it! Drop it!

Posted on Friday, March 1, 2019 at 11:21 am

Grundy Safe Commu-nities Coalition
The Tennessee De-partment of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services has awarded “Count It! Lock It! Drop It!”® (CLD) a $200,000 grant to be used for the purchase of at-home prescription drug lock boxes to cover all 95 counties in Tennessee.
The grant has enabled “Count It! Lock It! Drop It!” to purchase and provide lock boxes to its partners across all 95 counties in Tennessee and to treatment centers. These various partners, communities, and treatment centers will then be able to utilize the lock boxes within their community by distributing them to citizens.
Grundy Safe Communities Coalition (GSCC) is set to receive more than 300 lock boxes to provide to community members in Grundy County.
“These lock boxes are a great resource we provide to our community,” said Chasity Melton, Coordinator for the Grundy Safe Communities Coalition, “they not only provide additional barriers to possible first time users, but also help reduce the rates of accidental poisonings by keeping medication safely locked up and out of reach.”
The lock boxes aim at locking away prescription drugs, mainly to provide a barrier for potential first-time users. The lock box acts as a deterrent for the would-be first-time user, helping them rethink their decision and the severity of the situation. Lock boxes will be distributed along with pamphlets containing information on how often to count your prescription drugs, the proper storage of prescription drugs, and how to not only keep them locked up but to keep them stored away in a safe, undisclosed location to further increase its safety and to dispose of them properly when expired or if they are no longer needed. With this grant, CLD and GSCC will be increasing awareness of the opioid epidemic along with providing a prolific way of reducing misuse and abuse.
About GSCC
The Grundy Safe Communities Coalition’s main goals are to prevent underage binge drinking, tobacco use, prescription drug misuse, and opioid overdoses. Our mission is to be united to establish a safe, caring, drug-free community that supports youth and families. To learn more about how you can get involved with drug and alcohol prevention or to obtain a lock box, you can call our office number 931-592-2923 or find us on FB at
About CLD
“Count It! Lock It! Drop It!” (CLD) is a comprehensive community ini-tiative for prescription drug misuse prevention based in Coffee County, and locally in all 95 counties of Tennessee. The CLD initiative is leading a statewide effort to combat the misuse of prescription medication focusing on three simple steps: Count your pills, Lock them up, and Drop them for proper disposal. According to the Tennessee Department of Health, 6,879,698 opioid prescriptions were written in 2017, and it is CLD’s mission to create a cultural shift around prescription drug misuse to help keep communities safe and drug-free. More can be found at