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Corker Visits Altamont

Posted on Wednesday, August 17, 2016 at 9:38 am

LORI CORKER2U.S.  Senator Bob Corker (R) visited with community leaders at the Altamont Community Center on Thursday, sharing what he believes are the nation’s greatest challenges and answering questions.

Corker opened the meeting by praising law enforcement and offering his appreciation to police officers. “Thank you for all you do,” he said.

When addressing what he says is the biggest issue facing Americans today, Corker named the current economic crisis. He highlighted the difficulty Americans have finding jobs, wages not going up, and the national debt.

“The greatest threat to the U.S. is us,” stated Corker. He explained that the current trajectory of the national debt, currently at $19 million, would continue to rise as Americans show little concern for it and politicians do not address it.

LORI Corker 1Questions from the audience focused on Social Security and health insurance. Corker says he has been working on a bill that would solve the current social security crisis over a period of 20 to 30 years. Implementations would be put in place to raise the age for Social Security by one year over a 21-yeaar period and a more aggressive increase in benefits would be implemented for lower income people. Right now, Corker says, there is only collection on approximately 82 percent of wages. His bill would raise that to 90 percent over a 30-year period.

As for health insurance, Corker said the Obamacare exchange plans are not working. They were put in place to make it so everyone had insurance, but the deductibles are too high. He does not think that the Affordable Healthcare Act will be thrown out, but changes must be made to make it work for everyone.