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Posted on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at 10:22 am

A post on the Grundy Crier Facebook page received attention overnight when they stated a Grundy County School Board member had tuned in football coaches for transporting players to and from practice. 

From the Grundy Crier:

“A school board member has turned against coaches in his own system and turned them in to TSSAA according to word I have received from a faithful Crier supporter.

“According to this supporter, coaches are not allow to transport their own players for practice, games, etc. which is common place here in Grundy. There are many kids who would not be able to play if the coach was not willing to provide them with transportation. This can be for many reasons including parents who work, parents who are on drugs or don’t care, and for those that are too poor to pay for gas to run their kid(s) all over the county.

“Personally, I don’t see the big deal with coaches transporting their players, but TSSAA rules are TSSAA rules.

“This particular rule has been broken without issue for a many number of years, however, from what the Crier’s supporter tells me this may be an act of revenge from this school board member because of a family member’s position in the school system being terminated.”

The Herald spoke with TSSAA Director Bernard Childress this morning. He stated that no complaints had been filed, however there could have been a phone call that he was not aware of as they receive numerous calls every day.

Childress stated that it is not a violation of TSSAA rules for a coach to transport players and that the TSSAA liability insurance covers these transports.

There are rules about transporting players and how it should be done, but none of these rules appear to have been broken by GCHS football coaches.

School Board member Gary Don Melton was named by several on the Grundy Crier post as the person making the complaint. In a conversation this morning, Melton denied making a phone call or emailing the TSSAA concerning the transportation of players.

Editors note: Grundy County High School football has been plagued with scandals over the last four years. If a school board member is seeking to continue to cause discontent the entire board and citizens of the county should take note. GCHS has an excellent new coach, Tracy Hayworth, and it is time to play football and move beyond the scandals of the past. I hope everyone will give a huge welcome to Coach Hayworth and his leadership team and get out to see some great coaching and playing this season!