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Clay Family Honored at Grundy Farm Day

Posted on Wednesday, September 16, 2015 at 10:25 am


creig c. kimbro

The State of Tennessee recognized the Clay family as the Tennessee Farmer of the Year on Wednesday, September 10, at the Grundy County Farm Day. George, Edwene, and Eric Clay were honored by Representative Kevin Dunlap with a State of Tennessee Flag that had been flown over the Tennessee State Capitol Building and a certificate of recognition from the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Clays Honored with TN FlagThe Clays also received a proclamation sponsored by Senator Janice Bowling from the Tennessee State Senate recognizing them for hard work and dedication to their community, state, and world. Senator Bowling could not attend due to a new addition to their family most recently. Grundy County Mayor, Michael Brady, was also present to take part in the recognition.

George Clay of Pelham was most recently recognized as the 2015 Tennessee Farmer of the Year. Clay will compete in the Southeastern Farmer of the Year competition at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. That competition chooses from among the top farmers from 10 southeastern states and is sponsored by Swisher International, Inc. The award recognizes excellence in agricultural production and farm management, along with leadership in farm and community organizations. The award also honors family contributions in producing safe and abundant supplies of food, fiber and shelter products for U.S. consumers. The overall winner will be announced in October.

Clay, his wife Edwene, and their sons Eddie, Keith, and Eric, currently raise corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Their farming operation expands over approximately 2,100 acres and they also manage 110 beef cattle. Clay is very proud of the opportunities that he has had to keep his hands in the dirt raising food for the world, but more importantly, he is thankful to have raised a wonderful family that he hopes will someday take over as the fourth and fifth generations of Clays to work on the farm.

Clay and his family have been involved in many community and agricultural related activities over the years. He is president of Grundy County Farm Bureau, and Edwene chairs the Grundy County Farm Bureau Women. During their terms the Grundy County Farm Bureau has established many award-winning programs, including the popular Grundy County Farm Day, which is an agricultural educational event for third graders in Grundy County. The Clays said that it was an honor to receive such recognition for just being farmers and especially at the 2015 Grundy County Farm Day. George, Edwene, Eric, and Erica Clay were all working at Farm Day when the awards were presented.

Creig C. Kimbro, is the Grundy County Director at UT Extension.