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Brady pleads continued vigilance with COVID precautions

Posted on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 at 5:04 pm

Tracy City, Tenn. – During his weekly news conference, Grundy County Mayor Michael Brady announced that the county had had two more positive diagnoses of the COVID-19 virus bringing the total to 30. Brady asked residents to continue to practice preventive measures. “This virus is still here so please continue to wash our hands. I know the reopening of things has got folks excited and that is good,” Brady continued, “But, this virus is still here and it’s very much real so I’m just asking you to please continue to practice social distancing as much as possible.”  

Brady offered an update to the operations of the courthouse. “The courthouse, to let everybody know what we’re doing, is asked individuals to wear gloves if they feel like they may be a [a more susceptible group]… we’re providing masks and gloves to those that want them. We’re only allowing ten in the courthouse at a time and two in the offices at a time.” Brady acknowledged that the County Clerk’s office had been  had seen “about 300” people since its reopening.

Brady also reinforced previous calls for residents to be sure and participate in the 2020 Census. Brady avoided giving specific percentages of how many of Grundy Countians had responded but did refer Grundy having “some low reporting numbers.” Brady restated a previous plea to, “Go ahead and fill out that Census information. You can do it online.” Brady went on to say, “I know we’ll have boots on the ground here very shortly.” Field workers for the US Census were recently announced to have started operations again. Field workers will be to follow up only with those that haven’t filled out the nine-question survey online or not mailed in the paper survey sent out. Brady restated that the county lost out on as many as 3000 addresses in the 2010 Census which ultimately loses the county consideration for state and federal grant and loan programs.

Brady also spoke to the local schools’ updates as well as congratulate the high school seniors. “This year’s seniors have been part of a difficult time. It seems like it is a time of uncertainty, but I want those seniors to know that circumstances have not dictated who you are perceived to be and your achievements are no less. I want you to know that we are very proud of you and we’re excited about seeing the accomplishments that you will be doing.” Brady restated the recent announcement of the Grundy County High School that graduation would be held on May the fourteenth. Brady indicated the stands would be marked for social distance requirements and that those who chose to occupy the stands were doing so “at their own risk.” This was in stark contrast to the announcement from the school administration that the stands were strictly off-limits and all spectators would do so from their vehicles in the adjacent parking lot. However, Brady went so far as to say the local Health Department would be on-site providing a limited number of masks.

Brady transitioned to recapping the recent local economic committee meetings. Brady indicated the committee sought to direct local businesses to resources that were available to assist in the reopening process. “We’re working on several grants, several programs,” Brady said. Brady made reference to “several developments, several services, and many employment opportunities for Grundy County.” Brady emphasized that the county has continued to promote Grundy County to potential employers seeking somewhere to expand or relocate as well as enhance tourism opportunities and retail and commerce expansion opportunities for existing businesses.

Brady closed the broadcast by offering his appreciation for the front responders and said, “We can’t control all of our circumstances or outcomes, we can control our attitude and our decisions during those circumstances.” Wishing everyone safety and encouraging prayer, the mayor pledged to continue to keep the public informed.