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Bosio pleads guilty

Posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 12:13 pm

Anthony “Tony” Bosio appeared in the United States District, London, on Monday, and pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute Schedule II controlled substances, to include oxycodone.
The essential elements of Bosio’s plea include that “two or more persons conspired or agreed to distribute Schedule II controlled substances, to include oxycodone, and the defendant knowingly joined in this conspiracy.”
The following facts established Bosio’s plea:
“On or about a day in December 2010, and continuing through on or about a day in October 2015, in Knox County, in the Eastern district of Kentucky, and elsewhere, the Defendant agreed with other people to distribute controlled substances, including a quantity of pills containing oxycodone, a Schedule II controlled substance.
“During the conspiratorial timeframe, the Defendant worked with Robert Nunley, Christopher Land, Randy Stiefel, Jamie Sweeton, Kenneth Britton, James Robert Jones, and Tony Britton, among others, to obtain and sell pills containing Schedule II and Schedule III controlled substances from his co-conspirators, knowing that his co-conspirators had stolen those pills from various pharmacies throughout the southern United States, including in the Eastern District of Kentucky. The defendant sold those pills and shared the proceeds of such sales with his co-conspirators.”
The statutory punishment for this plea is imprisonment for not more than 20 years, and a fine of not more than $1,000,000, and a term of supervised release of not less than three years. Restitution to identifiable victims of the “Defendant’s relevant conduct” who suffered “pecuniary loss” is mandatory, and the amount will be determined by the court.
With his plea, Bosio waived the right to appeal the guilty plea and conviction.
Bosio will not be sentenced until Nunley, Land, Stiefel, Sweeton, Jones, and Kenneth and Tony Britton have gone to trial in March. In determining Bosio’s sentence, the judge will review past criminal history and other relevant factors.