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Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival – Just one week away

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019 at 8:20 am

For multitudes of music lovers, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – Bonnaroo time.
The Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival happens June 13-16 as flocks of folks from all over the globe will congregate at The Farm in Manchester.
After six years away, Phish returns to headline this year’s Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. In a throwback to the festival’s jam-band-festival roots, Phish will play three sets over two days during the four-day festival.
The 2019 lineup includes an eclectic mix of rap artists, jam bands and DJs galore.
Also making return appearances to The Farm are Childish Gambino and The Lumineers, who are scheduled to perform on Friday and Sunday, respectively, as well as rapper Post Malone and electronic duo Odesza.
Other artists on the bill include chart-topping rapper Cardi B, in her first performance at The Farm, R&B artist Solange, Americana group The Avett Brothers, country artist Kacey Musgraves, comedy group The Lonely Island and indie pop group Walk the Moon.
The full lineup can be found at

New plaza experiences

This year will see a listing of new experiences for fans to enjoy all over the grounds of The Farm, including in the several camping areas, called Plazas.
Plaza 2 will be taken over by Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams. She dubbed her plaza the Sanctuary of Self Love, and will see the area focused on mental health, how people treat themselves as whole beings and taking time for yourself.
Other updated plazas include the Barn in Plaza 9, which hosted the Happy Roo Day party last year, Plaza 4, the center of the site, the Plaza 6 central campgrounds and the VIP Plaza.
There will also be some returning plaza themes according to Bonnaroo officials.
The House of Yes and Little Cinema will be returning to Bonnaroo in Plaza 3. This year the site will feature circus acts, interactive immersive shows and themed parties.
The Nashville-themed barn known as The Ville will also be making its return to Plaza 7 in 2019. Everything that will be going on in this area will be inspired by Nashville, from the music to the art installments. Another feature of Plaza 7 will be The Grove, which is returning for 2019.
The Grove is a shaded area hidden in the trees with numerous art installments scattered around. Musical experiences can occur here at various hours.
To see all the plaza information, visit
In addition to the amazing music, many fans come to experience the out-of-the-ordinary phenomena one can’t find anywhere else.
In fact, some fans say Bonnaroo is like entering another world. And, even throughout the long weekend of excessive heat, endless walking, massive crowds, dirt, sleepless nights, dust, noise and commotion, there congregates a mob of like-minded, fun-loving folks who will affirm that this is indeed the most wonderful time of the year.

Music festival season safety tips
With the official start of summer ahead, music lovers are counting down the days until the kick-off of Tennessee’s outdoor festival season. Upcoming events like CMA Fest in Nashville (June 6-9), Bonnaroo in Manchester (June 13-16) and others throughout the year, the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) is reminding music fans to always incorporate safety into their festival plans.
“Outdoor concerts and festivals highlight the rich tradition of music in Tennessee,” said State Fire Marshal and Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Commissioner Julie Mix McPeak. “While local and state officials work hard to ensure your experience is as safe as it is fun, concertgoers can take additional steps to ensure this year’s festival season is the safest yet.”
Before heading to a venue, consider these important tips to stay safe and healthy while enjoying your favorite musicians:
1. Do Your Research & Follow the Rules
Check the festival’s website to get an understanding of the location/layout.
Familiarize yourself with the locations of medical and safety tents.
Know what items you can and cannot bring into the venue.
If portable grills and/or generators are allowed, use them with care:
Place your grill well away from anything that can catch fire. Do not leave an active grill unattended.
Do not add lighter fluid to an already lit fire as the flame can flash back up into the container and explode.
Pay attention to the location of exits in tents and crowd barriers. If there is a panic, head for these locations first.
Dispose of hot coals properly. Douse them with plenty of water, and stir to ensure the fire is out. Never place them in plastic, paper, or wooden containers.
Never utilize grills or generators in enclosed areas as deadly levels of carbon monoxide can build up quickly and linger for hours.
If camping in an RV, ensure it has a working carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an invisible, odorless gas created when fuels (such as kerosene, gasoline, wood, coal, natural gas, propane, oil, and methane) burn incompletely. Tennessee law requires that rented RVs must have functioning carbon monoxide detectors before being leased for use.
Leave sky lanterns and fireworks to the experts. They can easily start a fire on dry grass or debris.
Park only in designated areas. Be sure to leave fire lanes clear for emergency vehicles.
2. Avoid Dehydration & Exercise Care with Alcohol:
Drink plenty of water. Summer temperatures in Tennessee can be relentless. It is crucial to stay hydrated.
Familiarize yourself with the location of free water stations if they are available.
Try to avoid intense outdoor activity during the hottest time of day (10am – 2pm). Plan your schedule to incorporate rest periods.
Wear lightweight, light-colored layers for sun protection and ventilation.
Don’t forget to apply and reapply sunscreen and wear a hat and sunglasses.
Monitor your alcohol intake carefully. Do not use alcohol as a substitute for water.
Don’t take drinks, drugs or food from strangers.
Do not leave your food or drinks unattended.
3. Utilize the Buddy System & Set a Meeting Place:
Designate a “buddy” – someone you can trust to watch out for you and vice versa.
Have a communication plan. Identify a relative or friend to contact in case of emergency.
Identify a place to meet friends in case you get separated or an emergency occurs.
Report any suspicious persons to a member of security at the event or to the Camp Site Assistance Team.
4. Supervise & Secure Your Belongings:
Avoid bringing jewelry and valuables to music concerts and festivals.
Keep cash, wallets, and credit cards out of back pockets where they can easily be taken.
Don’t leave valuables in the car or tent.
Identify items you want to have on hand (medications, snacks, water, hand sanitizer, tissues, etc.).
Check with the festival’s organizers to see if backpacks or large handbags are permitted to be carried into the venue and/or if storage lockers are available.