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Test Pushdown

Board Member Investigated by DCS

Posted on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 11:15 am

Use of illegal drugs and malnourished children were the reason a Department of Children’s Services worker and a Grundy County Sherriff’s deputy gave when making a surprise visit to Grundy County School Board member Kasey Kilgore Anderson’s home in Pelham on February 28. Anderson, who had not heard of any complaints against her, told GCTV she was frightened and confused.

Anderson says that before coming to her home, the caseworker and deputy went to Pelham Elementary School and questioned two of her children.

The caseworker and the deputy questioned Anderson about the supervision and feeding of her children. They specifically asked if she fed her children breakfast, to which Anderson responded that her children ate breakfast at school.

Anderson says she was asked to take a drug test, complied, and the test was negative for illegal substances. She was also asked to sign a release for her medical records and refused pending consultation with a lawyer.

Anderson stated on GCTV she was not given a case number and the DCS office in Chattanooga had no record of a complaint against her.

The amount of support Anderson says she has received is overwhelming. “I am beyond blessed to live in Grundy County. I recently reached out to our community asking for information that could help me resolve this situation. As a result, I received numerous phone calls and messages from citizens throughout the entire county.”

Anderson says she feels this issue will be resolved in the near future.

DCS did not respond to the Herald’s request for a case number or confirmation of a complaint filed against Anderson. Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey had no comment at this time.

Anderson has represented District 1 since 2014.