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Big 8 Regular Season ends; Tourney begins

Posted on Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 12:47 pm

The Big 8 regular season has come to an end. In the girls’ division, the North Lady Warriors finished in first place, Coalmont Lady Rebels in second place, SAS Lady Mountain Lions in third place, Palmer Lady Bulldogs in fourth place, Swiss Lady Wildcats in fifth place, Monteagle Lady Hornets in sixth place, Pelham Lady Tigers in seventh place, and Tracy Lady Eagles in eighth place.
In the boys’ division, the Swiss Wildcats finished in first place, Pelham Tigers in second place, Tracy Eagles in third place, Monteagle Hornets in fourth place, North Warriors in fifth place, SAS Mountain Lions in sixth place, Palmer Bulldogs in seventh place, and Coalmont Rebels in eighth place.
Coalmont 52 Swiss 21
Jordan McCullough led the Lady Rebels with 26 points. Charlsie Campbell scored eight points. Abigail Childers had six points. Kacey Shelton scored four points. Olivia Nunley, Kylee Whited, Allyson Dickerson, and Elyssa Bell all had two points each.
Peyton Meeks led the Lady Wildcats with six points. Briley Dempsey followed with five points. Alissa Dodson scored four points. Maggie Baskin, Jaycie Grooms, and Sami Bonilla all had two points each.
Palmer 33
Monteagle 23
Maci Freeman led the Lady Bulldogs with 13 points. Sophie Layne followed with 10 points. Shanea Wideman and Kasadee Crabtree scored four points each. Ayla Hoy had two points. Kendal Winton led the Lady Hornets with 12 points. Breezy Rollins and Kyla Colston scored four points each. Mallorie Meeks had three points.
Swiss 34 Monteagle 12
Jaycie Grooms led the Lady Wildcats with 15 points. Briley Dempsey followed with 10 points. Peyton Meeks scored four points. Maggie Baskin had three points and Kimber Thomas tossed in two points.
Kendal Winton scored six points for the Lady Hornets. Chloe Dykes had four points and Mallorie Meeks tossed in two points.
Pelham 30 Tracy 12
Kati Davidson and Abi Seagroves led the Lady Tigers with eight points each. Torri Taylor followed with six points. Emily Hill scored four points. Haivenly Doss had two points. Mary Davidson and Andon Selvog tossed on one point each.
Abby Nunley scored six points for the Lady Eagles. Angelia Sanders and Gracie Walters had two points each. Maddy Shrum and Elizabeth Parvin tossed in one point each.
Swiss 46 Coalmont 26
Dawson Misiolek led the Wildcats with 17 points. Jordan Nance followed with 14 points. Jacob Partain scored nine points. Ian Stotts had five points and Dylan Sanders tossed in one point.
Austin Higgins led the Rebels with 11 points. Xander Jackson and KJay Layne scored five points each. Luke Henry had three points and LahDonte Wiseman tossed in two points.
Monteagle 43 Palmer 21
Hunter Hanner led the Hornets with 14 points. Luke Meeks followed with 12 points. Jacob Church scored 11 points. Riley Hammond had four points and Ethan Myers tossed in two points.
Bailey Totherow led the Bulldogs with nine points. Levi Nance followed with six points. Paul Allen Wise scored four points and Gunner Meeks had two points.
Swiss 54 Monteagle 26
Jacob Partain led the Wildcats with 19 points. Jordan Nance followed with 16 points. Ian Stotts scored eight points. Dawson Misiolek had five points. Clay Parker scored four points and Matt Borne tossed in two points.
Hunter Hanner led the Hornets with 10 points. Jacob Church and Luke Meeks scored four points. Riley Hammond had three points. Guage Foshee and Brady Everett scored two points each. Riley Taylor tossed in one point.
Pelham 46 Tracy 11
Chase Layne led the Tigers with 22 points. Peyton Price followed with 11 points. Lyden King scored six points. Justin Jacobs had four points and Michael Rollins tossed in three points.
Jr Crisp scored four points for the Eagles. Zach Carpenter had three points. Tyler Byers and Sam Parson tossed in two points each.
Big 8 tourney
The first round of the Big 8 tournament began Saturday. Each team played in the first round with winners advancing to the next round. The North Lady Warriors will play the Swiss Lady Wildcats and the Swiss Wildcats will play the North Warriors on Thursday. SAS Lady Mountain Lions will play the Coalmont Lady Rebels and the Tracy Eagles will play the Pelham Tigers on Friday. Winners from those games will advance to the Championship game on Saturday. The losers will also play Saturday in a consolation game.
North 50 Tracy 5
The first place North Lady Warriors got the first win of the day over the eighth place Tracy Lady Eagles. Jalie Ruehling led the Lady Warriors with 18 points. Kaylee Smartt followed with 11 points. Wrylee McDaniel scored eight points. Laci Woodlee and Carlee Smartt had five points. Kaitlyn Kirby scored three points.
Maddy Shrum and Abby Nunley scored two points each for the Lady Eagles. Morgan King had one point.
Swiss 35 Palmer 31
The fourth place Palmer Lady Bulldogs and fifth place Swiss Lady Wildcats battled it out in a close game. The Lady Bulldogs had the lead 25-24 at the end of the third quarter. The Lady Wildcats outscored the Lady Bulldogs 11-6 in the fourth quarter to get the 35-31 win.
Briley Dempsey and Maggie Baskin led the Lady Wildcats with 11 points each. Peyton Meeks and Jacie Grooms scored six points each. Kimber Thomas had one point.
Maci Freeman led the Lady Bulldogs with 16 points. Sophie Layne followed with 13 points. Kasadee Crabtree scored two points.
SAS 24 Monteagle 15
Third place SAS Lady Mountain Lions jumped off to a 10-2 lead at the half over the sixth place Monteagle Lady Hornets. SAS continued their lead in the second half for the win.
Lakin Laurendine led the Lady Mountain Lions with 12 points. Madison King followed with nine points and Lucy Cassell scored three points.
Kendal Winton led the Lady Hornets with 11 points. Mallorie Meeks scored three points and Kathryn Lusk had one point.
Coalmont 39 Pelham 4
The second place Coalmont Lady Rebels notched the win over the seventh place Pelham Lady Tigers. Abigail Childers led the Lady Rebels with 14 points. Jordan McCullough followed with 13 points. Charlsie Campbell scored six points. Kylee Whited, Graycee Meeks, and Allyson Dickerson all scored two points each.
Haivenly Doss and Torri Taylor scored two points each for the Lady Tigers.
Swiss 41 Coalmont 29
The first place Swiss Wildcats started out slow but quickly picked it up in the second half as they notched the win over the eighth place Coalmont Rebels. Dawson Misiolek led the Wildcats with 14 points. Jordan Nance followed with 11 points. Jacob Partain and Matt Borne scored six points each. Ethan Meeks had four points.
Austin Higgins led the Rebels with 14 points. Jathan Yokley scored seven points. LahDonte Wiseman had four points. Zander Jackson and Luke Henry tossed in two points each.
North 46 Monteagle 32
Fifth place North Warriors notched the win over fourth place Monteagle Hornets to advance to the next round. Kaleb Hartenstien led the Warriors with 25 points. Jarod Huntley and Jamie Larrazolo scored six points. Isaac Campbell had five points and Luke Rymer tossed in four points.
Jacob Church led the Hornets with 10 points. Hunter Hanner followed with 9 points. Riley Hammond and Gauge Foshee scored four points each. Luke Meeks had three points and Riley Taylor tossed in two points.
Tracy 28 SAS 19
Third place Tracy Eagles advance after getting the win over sixth place SAS Mountain Lions. Brendon Marsh led the Eagles with 11 points. Jr Crisp followed with seven points. Landon Hill scored five points. Tyler Byers had four points and Sam Parson tossed in one point.
Ethan Hargis led the Mountain Lions with seven points. Mac Croom and Kyler Cantrell scored four points each. Rylan Thomas and Gus Croom had two points each.
Pelham 57 Palmer 16
Second place Pelham Tigers defeated the seventh place Palmer Bulldogs advancing to the next round. Lynden King led the Tigers with 15 points. Chase Layne followed with 11 points. Justin Jacobs and Peyton Rice scored eight points each. Hunter O’neal and Parker Geier had four points each. Colton Rogers scored three points. Maguire Luttrell and Nick Campbell tossed in two points each.