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Audit Finds Problems in Grundy County

Posted on Thursday, February 2, 2017 at 10:15 am

Grundy County government leaders need to fix problems detailed in a new audit report from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury. The Office of the Highway Superintendent, the Office of the Director of Schools, the County Mayor’s Office, and others were named in the six deficiencies detailed in the report.

audit_stamphe variety of problems named range from improper disposal of equipment and improper reimbursement practices to deficiencies in administration and inadequately segregated duties.

Grundy County Mayor Michael Brady has reviewed the audit findings and feels his administration in moving in the right direction to correct problems.

“Being good stewards of the county’s finances and ensuring their security is always priority,” said Brady.

“With the release of the state audit, the audit committee will meet with each department head to discuss any findings and the action that will be taken to address the findings. The state passed a law last year that each department will have an internal controls policy. This was implemented mid-way of this past year. The internal controls policy should eliminate any issues with segregation of duties.”


Office of Highway Superintendent

  • The Highway Department was not properly reimbursed for work performed for other governmental entities; county equipment was not disposed of in accordance with state statute.

Office of Director of Schools

  • Little Jackets Daycare had deficiencies in administration; the school department had budget deficiencies; a certificate of deposit held for the Central Cafeteria Fund was not recorded on the accounting records of the fund or channeled through the county Office of the Trustee.

Offices of the County Mayor, Highway Superintendent, Director of Schools, County Clerk, and Sheriff

  • Duties were not segregated adequately.

The audit, which covered the year ending June 30, 2016, noted two findings in the Office of Director of Schools that date back to 2013: issues with Little Jackets Daycare and budget deficiencies.

Current Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey faced these problems when she was hired on December 7, 2015. Since taking over as director, Kinsey and her administrative team at the Grundy County Board of Education have made personnel and procedural changes to ensure these deficiencies are corrected.

“We have established and implemented procedures of internal control and segregated duties within the central office to certify that an adequate system of checks and balances ae in place,” explained Kinsey.