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Animal Rescue And Tracy City Police Dept. Rescue 21 Animals Found Suffering

Posted on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 1:39 pm

IMG_5483Animal Rescue Corps (ARC), an international501(c)(3) animal protection organization, responded Monday to a call from Tracy City Police Department for assistance with 21 animals at a private property. When rescuers arrived they found 12 cats and nine dogs, mostly large breed, suffering in deplorable conditions on a property in Tracy City, TN, approximately an hour and a half Southeast of Nashville. All of the animals were seized by the Tracy City Police Department.

IMG_5484The case began with the Tracy City Police Department performing a standard welfare check after the property owner was involved in a serious car accident and next of kin could not be located. When police arrived they found dogs in makeshift pens scattered around the trash strewn property. The pens were piled with feces and littered with dozens of dead rats. Inside the home, they found more cats and dogs, including some small breeds suffering from obvious neglect. ARC had been in Savannah, Tennessee, in the western part of the state, on an unrelated rescue operation that morning where over 40 animals were rescued. After sending a crew with those animals to the ARC emergency shelter, the team raced across the state to be on the ground 3 hours later with the necessary equipment and supplies, transport vehicles, and volunteers. This is ARC’s third rescue operation in the South in the past two weeks. The property owner remains hospitalized in critical condition.

IMG_5485“When we saw the conditions and the number of animals at the property, we knew we needed to reach out to ARC for assistance,” said Chief Charlie Wilder of the Tracy City Police Department. “I’ve worked with Scotlund in the past and I knew if ARC could help, they would.”

Responders found 9 dogs without access to food, clean water, and necessary veterinary care, in small, makeshift, filthy pens, constructed from scrap fencing, plywood and tin roofing. The dogs, all of whom were underweight, exhibited various illnesses, including mange and other external parasites, conjunctivitis, tumors and untreated injuries.

“The conditions on this property were some of the worst we have ever seen, truly a house of horrors” said Animal Rescue Corps President Scotlund Haisley, and veteran of large scale animal rescues; “The outdoor pens were filled with feces, and rats and the house was infested with thousands of cockroaches. The amount of suffering these animals have endured is heart breaking.”

IMG_5486Working under Tracy City Police Department, ARC safely removed 100% of the animals and transported them to an emergency shelter where ARC will provide daily care until custody of the animals is determined and they can be placed with partnering shelters and rescue groups. All of the animals are receiving full medical exams, vaccinations, and any necessary treatments by a team of veterinarians.

Animal Rescue Corps performed this rescue, dubbed Operation Tennessee Waltz II, with the Tracy City Police Department and in partnership with The Bissell Pet Foundation, who provided critical financial support.