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Alma Geraldine Hampton

Posted on Wednesday, June 18, 2014 at 8:55 am

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My grandmother’s name is Alma Geraldine Hampton, but she goes by the name of Geraldine.  She was born on October 10, 1943. She was born and raised in Altamont, Tennessee. She has never lived anywhere else. My grandmother had four siblings. They were Victoria Clendenon, Robert Dickerson, Gene Dickerson, and William Dickerson, in order from oldest to youngest.  Her father was Clarence Dickerson and her mother was Alma Dickerson. My grandmother has one daughter named Barbara Bryant and one son, Kevin Hampton. She has three granddaughters: Angela Bryant, Courtney Hampton, and Kirsten Hampton.  She has one grandson, Ronnie Bryant, Jr. Geraldine currently has four great- grandsons, Leeland Knight, Chasyn Bryant, Chandlyr Bryant, and Saban Bryant.

When Geraldine went to school, she had to walk, and she had to come back home for lunch. They had to walk through the woods and walk a foot log over the water. Geraldine had many exciting moments in her life, but the most exiting was when she got married and had her two children. The funniest moment in Geraldine’s life was when she and a classmate were chased up a tree by a mule. She beat her classmate up the tree and her sister (Victoria) was standing below crying.

Geraldine’s first job was at the shirt factory where she received 75 cents an hour and worked there 15 years. Another job she had was a cook at North Elementary where she worked for 8 years.

Geraldine was also the sister of a solider which was hard. She worried day and night, but she knew that God brought him home to them.

My grandmother lived in a time where there were many changes. One she remembers well was when the court house burned, and she witnessed the building of the new courthouse.

In conclusion, my granny is an extraordinary, brave, courageous, and well-rounded woman.   

 Kirsten is a sixth grade student at North Elementary. Her teacher, Ms. Corley, asked her class to interview and write a biography of someone 70 years of age or older. Inspired by the “Meet Your Neighbor” column, Ms. Corley submitted Kirsten’s interview with her great-grandmother to the Grundy County Herald.