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Adam Braseel Released on Bond Eight Years Later

Posted on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at 9:48 am

Adam Braseel is one step closer to his new trial after being released on bond Friday. Braseel, convicted in the 2006 murder of Malcom Burrows, had been serving a life sentence at Riverbend Maximum Security Facility in Nashville when he heard the news on Christmas Day that he would be granted a new trial.

Braseel family NEWBraseel was not present at Friday’s bond hearing. However, his attorney Douglas Trent argued for a lower bond, with the state asking for $150,000. In requesting the high bond, the prosecutor expressed concern that Braseel could be a flight risk; facing a capitol murder charge could be the impetus for him to flee. Angel reminded the court that Braseel had previously showed adherence to bond conditions, and that he had close family ties in the area and set the bond at $50,000.

Once the bond payment cleared, Braseel was transported to the Grundy County Jail where he was processed and released Friday evening.

Braseel had been waiting eight years to walk out of prison. He says he could not wait to go home and spend time with his family.

“My sisters and supporters worked so hard for this day – they sacrificed their lives for me,” said Braseel.

It appears that the little things are what Braseel appreciated during the first days after his release. He was excited to have a new bed, a pillow, and food. But, at the same time, he does not want to be a burden to his family.

“It’s the small things, we don’t have to be in a crazy situation to appreciate what we have, but this has been a crazy time.”

“It is like a dream, having my brother home, that I don’t want to wake up from,” said Christina Braseel and wifeBraseel, the sister of Adam Braseel. “Our family shares a very strong bond, it’s called love. Now that my brother is home, he is sharing his love and gratitude with so many people that I am barely able to see him.

“He was called to work Monday. He has such a full schedule visiting people, returning phone calls, and to meetings he has asked me to help him keep track of.”

Despite his hectic schedule, Braseel and his family are enjoying every minute of his homecoming.

Church, and his relationship with Christ, which has sustained Braseel over these past years in prison, caused the reality of his release to hit home on Sunday.

“I was in the pews at my church in Hillsboro on Sunday, worshipping, and I almost passed out. I cried so hard,” said Braseel. “I realized this isn’t a dream, it’s real and I am home. It is a shock to realize I was in jail for eight years as an innocent man.”

“All the glory goes to God,” said Christina. “We still have a long road ahead, but with the continued support and prayers of our family and the community, we will get through this one day at a time.”

Christina said that throughout the process, Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum, his deputies, and the staff at the sheriff’s office made her family feel safe and secure.

Braseel will now be preparing for his new trial. It is unclear at this time what evidence will be presented at the trial, but inconsistencies from the first trial, including the lack of any evidence at the crime scene, Braseel’s alibi for the time of the murder, and the lack of motive may be considered.

Editor’s note: The policy of the Grundy County Herald is to print all mug shots we receive from the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office. Adam Braseel appears in this week’s mug shots along with the initial charges filed in 2006. Braseel was processed through the sheriff’s office before his release on bond Friday evening, resulting in a new mug shot. Additional charges have not been filed against Braseel.