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County Commissioner Arrested for Domestic Assault

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2019 at 6:13 pm

Grundy County 1st District Commissioner Mike Cordell was arrested today, November 12, after turning himself in at the Grundy County Jail. Cordell was charged with Aggravated Assault, Domestic Assault, and Reckless Endangerment, all stemming from a November 8 incident. Mike Cordell

From the arrest report filed by Deputy Randy Wildes:

“On November 8th, 2019 at approximately 10:10 PM I was dispatched to the jail for a walk in for domestic violence report. Upon arrival, I spoke with Ms. Elizabeth Morton, her boyfriend Aaron Fann and Ms. Morton’s mother Amy Cordell. They stated that they had went to Mrs. Cordell’s father’s residence to visit. While there, an argument ensued over Mr. Fann being there. At some point the argument turned physical when Mr. Charles (Mike) Cordell went after Mr. Fann. In the process he shoved the granddaughter (Ms. Morton) out of the way, grabbed Mr. Fann by the neck, shoved him up against the wall and was choking and assaulting him. While trying get them apart he struck Ms. Morton in the face several times. When he (Cordell) went to grab Mr. Fann, he knocked over a stroller that Mr. Fann had just placed his two month old daughter in.

“While speaking with them I observed marks on Mr. Fann about his face and neck and his shirt was ripped. Ms. Morton had marks about her face and her neck. Pictures were taken and written statements from all three were taken. Mrs. Cordell witnessed part of the altercation.

“We went to the address of Mr. Cordell and he was unable to be located. We did speak with Darren Cordell, the son of Mr. Cordell and the husband of Amy Cordell. He witnessed part of the events. He was advised to have his father come to speak with me before the end of the shift or turn him self in the next day and due to the facts there would be charges in this incident. Audio and video was recorded through out the investigation.”

Cordell was unable to be located after the incident as he and his wife had gone to the hospital. He was admitted and had a heart stint repaired. He turned himself in at the Grundy County Jail upon his release from the hospital.

Cordell was released on $5,000 bond, a GPS monitor, and a no-contact order with the victim. He is scheduled to appear in court on December 12, 2019.