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Whitman Memorial Tourney a Success

Posted on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 2:32 pm

Whitman Memorial

Mountain Archery dedicated their April 12 and 13 tournament to local sportsman Ransie Whitman who passed away recently. The tournament drew 92 archers to compete and donate as well as many others who just came to donate. The event was a resounding success and a large donation was made to the family.

Mountain Archery’s Jason Tate was very pleased with the results.

“When we lost Ransie, at first I didn’t even think about putting on a tournament for him and his family. I didn’t want to draw any attention away from what happened or make the pain worse. It’s hard to explain, but I got a feeling that Ransie would have been good with it. With the blessing from the family, I knew the local and archery community would come together and help in any way they could, and they did!”

He also stated that Ransie’s widow Hollie was moved by the love shown by all.

“I wish each and every one of those who participated in the tournament could have been there to see the appreciation on her face. Thank you to everyone who helped in any way and keep this family in your prayers,” said Tate.

As for the shoot, the wind made it tough on all the shooters but they battled through and put up some good scores. Tate said the novelty shooters did surprisingly well.

The complete event results were:

K-45: Shanna Hillis 198, Tory Raulston 194 (tie), Mark Thompson 194 (tie)

Open: Robbie Rollins 202, Matt Meeks 195, and Carter Underhill 193

BHP: George Buchanan 186, Kevin Cain 182, and Chris Rhea 178

BN: Jay Townsell 193, Clay Lewis 186, and Talayne Rogers 180

Women’s: Misty Taylor 198, Jennifer Meeks 193, and Madison Smith 191

Traditional: Joe Bailey 187, Austin Bailey 160, and Tim McPeak 145

Youth: Matt Underhill 186, Tray Fults 181, and Tyler Jackson 176

Cubs: Tyler Sanders 200 and Trenton Sanders 151

Winner of Novelty: James Ashley

Tate also thanked Phat Boys BBQ who provided some great food for the shooters.

Mountain Archery’s next shoot is May 10 and 11 and will be an ASA State qualifier. However you do not have to be an ASA member to shoot this tournament, everyone is welcome.