Health Check

Posted on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 at 12:43 pm

Snowflakes are floating by my window as I write this column! And while little grandchildren might be dreaming of a white Christmas, thankfully our forecast says it’s going to be 42 degrees Christmas day with no chance of snow! The most we might get is a red nose like Rudolph if we get out to play.

By the time you read this, another Christmas will be in the books. Oh you may yet find a bit of pretty paper tucked under the couch cushion and cookie crumbs by the computer keyboard but the Day will be history.

Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one this year or a beloved pet. As you reflect over the memories of the year, your tears flow as something stirs a memory within your heart. Yes, perhaps it was a blue, blue Christmas for you.

Perhaps you’re oldest son or daughter is off to war or serving Uncle Sam in some far off land and the ache in your heart could not be consoled by the singing of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas.” That ache lingers like the smell of the gingerbread cookies you baked with the grandkids. One small consolation is that you know where they are, unlike my package that is “in transit” from Atlanta and has been for the past 4 weeks.

Perhaps the economy is impacting your budget and you were only able to get a little gift for each son, daughter or grandchild. You know it equaled gold, frankincense, and myrrh for what it meant to you to be able to give them something.

Or perhaps this was one of the best Christmas’ you’ve ever had! All the family was home, everyone received the most important gifts they’d wanted and the gifts were purchased with cash. Yep, someone out there might still be wishing for their two front teeth but even those will come in time.

Perhaps you are one of the persons that have taken charge of your health this year and are feeling the best you have in a very long time. You have not been run over; you are not frosty in the cold; you can hear the silence of night; you were able to see mommy being kissed; and now you are rejoicing with heart and soul and voice!

Yes, this is the time to rejoice for what is past and for the Gift that was given to each of us. We can either accept that Gift of the Baby Jesus or leave Him in the manger. With that Gift comes abundant blessings and great joy! And since a merry heart does us good like medicine, Choose Health!


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