Grundy’s November Weather Report

Posted on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 at 3:00 pm

Years ago in Grundy County just about every family had a pig pen which supplied meat and November was the big “hog killing” month because it was usually cold enough to salt the meat down which preserved it for later use. Of course with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up a fresh ham was a big part of the holiday meal and sometimes they would be boiled in a lard can on top of a wood-burning stove.

In recent years the weather has seemed to get milder and milder but November 2013 was a return to the old days weather wise. But, first, let’s see what our friends at Big Creek Utility District’s dam in Coalmont has to say.

This official reporting site for the National Weather Service measured 3.87 inches of rainfall for November with 1.57 of that on November 25. The high temperature of the month was 66 degrees on November 17 and the low was 11 degrees on November 27 and 28. Thanksgiving was on November 28 and turned into a beautiful sunny day with a high of 42 degrees after a morning low of 11.

The month had no measureable amount of snow but flurries were seen on two days. November had eight days with highs in the 60’s, fourteen days with highs in the 50’s, six days with highs in the 40’s, one day with a high in the 30’s, and one day with high’s in the 20’s.

We had a couple of cold spells but the worst was on the last week in November. Do you have a Citizens Tri-County Bank calendar? If so, turn it back to November and you’ll see that the bank calendar hit the forecast of bitter cold right down to the day.

Friends and neighbors, this is water pipe freezing weather. On November 24 the high was 36 degrees with a low of 12 degrees. On November 25 the high was 40 degrees with a low of 30. On November 26 the high was 42 with a low of 27. If you’re cold natured like me November 27 was almost unbearable with a high of only 27 degrees with a low of 11 degrees followed by another 11 degree low the next morning on Thanksgiving.

Here in “rainy Palmer” we measured 4.6 inches of rain in November. We had a beautiful Veteran’s Day with sunny skies and mild temperatures. On November 17 high winds caused storm warnings but no local damage was reported. However, the same weather system caused tornadoes and damage in the northern states.

This weather report may be viewed soon on the Grundy County Historical Society website at


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