SMES Honor Roll

Swiss Memorial Elementary Principal Kasey Woodlee and staff are pleased to announce the Principal’s List (all A’s), Honor Roll (at least 1 A and nothing below a B) for the first six weeks, and Perfect Attendance (students did not miss a day nor were they tardy or checked out early. These students earned a $20 PawBuck for their perfect attendance).

Principal’s List:

Third Grade (Crabtree): Jalie Ruehling

Third Grade (Cleek): Erik Andrews, Gage Coutu, and Ethan Meeks

Fourth Grade (Keener): Matthew Borne

Sixth Grade (Meeks): Daniel Lyle, Ragan Meeks, and Evan Nunley

Seventh Grade (Parson): Jacob Layne

Seventh Grade (VanHorn): Bailey Baker and Mikey Weekly

Eighth Grade (Andrews): Morgan Haynes, Sarah Johnson, Megan Shrum, and Kristin Weaver

Honor Roll:

Third Grade (Crabtree): Gavin Henry, Haleigh Magouirk, Briley Panter, and Jessie Weavers

Third Grade (Cleek): Isaiah Borne, Adien Breksa, Martha Henry, and Paris King

Fourth Grade (Keener): Gracie Barks, Leiah Braden, Braxton Coffelt, Briley Dempsey, Shayla Dykes, Dakota Hammers, and Olivia Honeycutt

Fifth Grade (Fults): Daniel Green, Jordan Hackworth, Clayton Hargis, Kenan Higgins, Brayden Kilgore, Macie Nolan, Logan Pickett, Jaden Ruehling, Jacob Shrum, and Jilian Wise

Sixth Grade (Meeks): Kaitlyn Coffelt and Nathan Coffelt

Sixth Grade (Rogers): Angel Lang and Chris Nance

Seventh Grade (Parson): Kendra Britton, Michael Coffelt, Shelby Guyear, Summer King, and Christian Nolan

Seventh Grade (VanHorn): Ethan Nunley and Josh Wingo

Perfect Attendance:

Kindergarten (Coffelt): Ayden Baker and Haley Smith

Kindergarten (Meeks): Carson Magouirk, Makenzie Meeks, and Grayson Shrum

First Grade (Shrum): Kenadi Hampton and Timothy Bivens

Second Grade (Sanders): Macie Anderson, Lee Grimes, Ashton Knowlan, Brooklyn Knowlan, Haley Nunley, and Kimber Thomas

Second Grade (McBee): Kannon Hadder and Callaha Hoffman

Third Grade (Crabtree): Jacob Byrd, Gavin Henry, and Jalie Ruehling

Third Grade (Cleek): Erik Andrews and Gage Coutu

Fourth Grade (Keener): Gracie Barks, Wyatt Booth, and Jordan Nance

Fifth GraDE (Fults): Thaddaeus Blackburn, Jordan Hackworth, Ezra Markum, Macie Nolan, Hailey Phillips, Jaden Ruehling, and Jilian Wise

Sixth Grade (Rogers): Dustin Kilgore and Angel Lang

Sixth Grade (Meeks): Shayla Barks, Kaitlyn Coffelt, Nathan Coffelt, Sarah Kilgore, and Jasmine Meeks

Seventh Grade (VanHorn): Jeremiah Caldwell, Ethan Nunley, and Katelyn Smith

Seventh Grade (Parson): Kendra Britton and Raquel Fults

Eighth Grade (Andrews): Savannah Bivens, Stuart Guyear, and Kristin Weaver




Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 2:50 pm