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Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Wellness is not a destination but rather a journey. Like any journey, it’s a good idea to have a map before you travel. This road to wellness has different parts or segments. Here are 7 important parts that I found all put together by a wellness website. When I personally stopped and thought about each of these, I realized I’ve not arrived yet! How well do you do?

Social Health: How well do you get along with other people? Are you able to maintain long term relationships? Are you comfortable in new social situations and the company of others?

Mental Health: Are you open to new ideas? Do you look for new experiences and learn new skills?  What is the quality of information and entertainment you allow into your mind?

Physical Health: What is your physical condition? Are you receiving good nutrition, drinking plenty of water, getting good exercise and rest plus enjoy the proper weight for your height?

Financial Health: Do you live within your means? Is your debt within manageable limits? Do you make charitable contributions and are you saving for your future? Are you properly insured?

Family Health: Are you in a loving relationship with shared values? Do you give your family time and attention? Do you have a close connection with children, parents and relatives?

Career Health: Do you like what you are doing for a living? Does your career reflect and advance your deepest values? Is your work meaningful and suited to your skills and interests?

Spiritual Health: How connected are you to the Lord in your life? Do you enjoy a sense of purpose and peace? Do you regularly study, meditate, pray and worship?

If this had been my preacher’s sermon, I’d have to say he stepped on my toes. I realize this thanksgiving season as I reflect on my life and where I am on this wellness journey that I need to follow the roadmap more closely to achieve a healthier lifestyle. But I have to do it for myself just as you do.

Diabetes education is available to come to your organization. The Grundy County Health Council and Diabetes Coalition want everyone to have an opportunity to learn about this disease and how it can be prevented, reversed or better controlled.

You may have seen the results of some of those who have attended the previous two 6-week seminars held in Grundy County this year. The class currently being taught in Altamont is doing exceptionally well. At our 4th meeting last week, the 18 people who attended that meeting have lost a total of 98 pounds! Their blood sugars are trending down each morning and their blood pressure readings are coming down too. They are feeling better and are so excited to be learning how to live more healthfully.

We have purchased several health models and visual aides to help everyone understand how to live more healthfully. We have a simplified presentation that gives an overview of key points that are being taught in the 6-week seminars. If you would like to have one of our team members come to your organization for this presentation, please contact Karen Wickham at 931-592-4191 to schedule a meeting.

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