Winning Veteran’s Day Essays At GCHS

Posted on Tuesday, November 19, 2013 at 2:53 pm

Aaron Gross – First Place

Our local veterans deserve support, respect, and understanding for many reasons. The main reason is what they have done for us. The veterans may have gone into the military for many different reasons, but once they entered, they worked for one common goal. That goal was and still is to protect the United States and the freedom of its citizens.

The freedom we as a country enjoy can only be possible because of the efforts of our veterans. They have worked hard to ensure the safety of “The American Dream.” Without their sacrifices, whether it was time away from home or the ultimate sacrifice one can make, they deserve our respect.

They have in a sense, been “supporting”, our country and freedom. Their work never ended. The veterans’ work ended when they exited the military. However, during the years they were in it, they had one of the most important jobs that can be held. They “supported” the freedom of this country so that we can live as we now do. It is time we return the favor.

Our local veterans deserve to be understood. They all sacrificed something when they entered the military. It could have been time away from their family, a leg, an arm, or their life. Everything they did was to protect us. Any hardships that fall upon them or trials they must go through should be met with understanding from every citizen of this country, not just our local area. They worked to protect us, and we should work to understand them.

If I could deliver a message to our veterans, I would tell them all how much I appreciate what they have done. I appreciate everything they have done for this country and its freedom.  They are the only reason that any of us can have the freedom we enjoy so much. If they, and people like them, had not done what they did, our world would be completely different. I believe we should take pride in the fact that they are a part of our community.

Our veterans deserve our respect, support, and understanding for everything they have done to protect our freedom.  The message I would give them would be how proud and appreciative I am of them.

Harley Meeks – Second Place

Veterans serve an enormous purpose in the United States of America. Their courageous decision to fight for the people of the United States of America is what keeps us all free. Veterans are exceptionally worthy of our support, respect, and understanding.

First, Veterans deserve our support because they are fighting for us. They are risking their lives for our freedom. They leave their families, and everything they know and love to fight for the U.S. Our local veterans left this small town to help keep everyone they loved safe and free. They need our support especially when they get home. They should be able to have a job here for them. They should not have to worry about money. They should be very welcomed.

Next, the local veterans definitely deserve respect. Most veterans do not get the respect they deserve. They have left their families and their home to fight for everyone’s freedom; they deserve respect. They also risk their lives for people they may not even know, but they do it to keep our country safe and free. If anyone in our country deserves respect it’s our local veterans who leave their homes to keep our country free.

Last but not least, our local veterans need our understanding. When they leave, they need their families to back them up, not be mad. They also need a job when they get home. It is hard coming back and not having a job or money to support yourself. They need our understanding because I cannot imagine how hard the situations they had to endure was.

Veterans fight for our freedom. If I had a chance to sit down and give a veteran a message, I would thank them for their bravery to go to an unknown place away from everything they know, and fight for my freedom. They deserve the best in life. Veterans most certainly deserve our support, respect, and understanding. I will most definitely give that to a courageous man or woman who fought for our freedom.

Alex Gross – Third Place

Veterans all over the country deserve our support and respect as well as our understanding.  Although we might not be able to do this for every veteran, the least we can do is help our local veterans.

Local veterans deserve our respect for many reasons. One reason is that they were willing and brave enough to join the military to protect every citizen of the United States. They also defended our freedom and lives by risking their own. We owe them at the very least the respect they deserve for serving this country. Without them this country would not remain free and safe for future generations.

They also deserve our support when they come home. We should support them in the best ways we can, because although we might not know everything we can do to help them, some support is better than none.  Everything they have done when they were in the military was to protect us, and even though many of them have suffered great loss, we can show them they are not alone. We can show them support in many different ways. It could be as simple as paying for their gas when we see them at a gas station, or even as simple as buying them a meal.  Anything that would make their lives easier, no matter how small, is worth the effort.

Finally, they deserve our understanding. It is almost impossible for us to understand the things they might have seen or have had to deal with, but we owe it to them that we take the time to try to understand. The more we understand about them, the easier it will be for them to speak to us and describe what they have seen. It will also help us learn how to support them and make our respect for them stronger. The more we understand them, we become more connected with them, allowing us to interact with them in the best, most respectful way possible.

If I could deliver a message to a veteran, I would make sure to include two things. First, I would make sure I told them how much I appreciated them and that although I might not know them personally, I have the most respect possible for them. Second, I would tell them that there are many people that will help support them and that they are not the only person that has to know what happened, there are many people who would help them through whatever they were dealing with.  These are the two things I would make sure to include in a message to them.

Veterans deserve many things that we can help them have or give them. They deserve our support and respect as well as our understanding. All of these are the least that we can give them for what they have given for us.



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