Bg 8 Jamboree Round Up

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 1:42 pm

All Big 8 teams other than St. Andrew’s-Sewanee attended the 2013 Big 8 Jamboree Saturday, hosted by the Grundy County Lady Jackets Basketball team. Each team played two 10 minute quarters.


Pelham 8 – Palmer 2

Emily Parks led Pelham with four points. Josie Payne and Lacey Nunley scored two each. Tiffany Nolan scored two for Palmer.

Coalmont 8 - Palmer 2

Shae Northcutt led Coalmont with four points. Liz Morgan and Bailey Sweeton scored two each. Olivia Payne and Tiffany Nolan scored one each for Palmer.

Pelham 7 – North 2

Lacey Nunley scored five to lead Pelham. Meleah Stevens scored two. Brianna Gawry scored North’s two points.

Coalmont 5 – North 2

Emily Rhea and Bailey Sweeton scored two each for Coalmont. Katie Layne added one. Brianna Gawry scored two for Coalmont.

Monteagle 11 – Swiss 7

Kealy Reese led Monteagle with five points. Shayla Bennett and Ashley Green scored two each. Caitlyn Ladd and Kara Meeks had one each. Teah Bosio led Swiss with five. Megan Shrum scored two.

Tracy 6 – Monteagle 6

Morgan Meeks had four to lead Tracy. Megan O’Neal scored two. Ashley Green topped Monteagle with four. Nevah Avant scored two.

Swiss 27 – Tracy 0

Teah Bosio led Swiss with seven points. Kristin Weaver and Caitlyn Crabtree scored six each. Megan Shrum, Sarah Johnson, Bailey Baker and Michelle McDaniel all scored two each.


Palmer 8 – Pelham 2

Trey Hampton led Palmer with seven. Ryan Travis scored one. Kenzie Hill scored two for Pelham.

Coalmont 14 – Palmer 12

Jaron Meeks had seven for Coalmont with a three pointer. Steven Yates also hit a three. Brandon Bennett and Noah Bean scored two each. Trey Hampton scored 12 for Palmer.

Pelham 13 – North 3

John Brown led Pelham with five points including a three pointer. Kenzie Hill scored four. Hunter Northcutt and Sabastian Ledford scored two each. Cason King led North with two. Jacob Meeks scored one.

Coalmont 17 – North 8

Eric Norman led Coalmont with eight points with a three pointer. Noah Bean tossed in four. Steven Yates hit a three pointer. Cullen Anderson scored two. Nathanael Myers led North with four. Tyler Patrick and Aaron Comer scored two each.

Monteagle 4 – Swiss 3

Corbin Lusk and Grayson Lawson scored two each for Monteagle. Ethan Nunley hit a three pointer for Swiss.

Tracy 20 – Monteagle 6

Johnnie Adkins was in double digits with 11 for Tracy. Dalton Fults followed with five including a three pointer. Dakota Hardin scored four. Grayson Lawson led Monteagle with four. Jacob Thomas had two. 

Swiss 15 – Tracy 9

Josh Wingo topped Swiss with seven points. Josh Nance and six and Ethan Nunley scored two. Johnnie Adkins scored Tracy’s nine points including two from three point land.


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