Big 8 Season Underway

Action in the Big 8 Conference began Saturday with the annual Jamboree for the league. Regular season games begin this Tuesday November 5. A full schedule appears in this edition of the Grundy County Herald.

Annually it is a challenge to get all Big 8 results turned in to the Herald each week for publication. There are many reasons for this. Some are understandable and some are not.

Coaches have a lot to do and all could use some help. Sometimes they get so busy with all the responsibilities of coaching and then their day job that turning in results and stats just gets lost in the mix. If each coach had a person who would take responsibility of turning in stats via email after every game it would be the best way to ensure they get turned in.

Sometimes results don’t get turned in due to the host team losing. This is never a good reason and always shortchanges the kids everyone is supposed to be doing the right thing for. The results in the paper each week aren’t about coaches’ or school’s win and loss record. It’s about a kid getting their name in the paper for a positive reason. Those two points scored in a Big 8 game may be the only time a kid gets their name in the paper. It also shortchanges family members who work hard to build scrapbooks for kids to look at later in life.

There really is little excuse not to get the results turned in weekly. Stat sheets are available and all anyone has to do is fill in the blanks All schools have access to email or fax and can submit the results the next day. If it’s done the next day or right after the game then the chance of it being forgotten is eliminated.

This year results not turned in timely will not be published. Also all results must have FULL names of BOTH teams and scoring for both. Home teams should take responsibility for turning in games they host. The visiting school can turn in the information if they are worried the home school won’t turn them in. The deadline for sending in results each week for Big 8 stats is non on Mondays. They can be faxed to the Herald office at 931-592-9241 or emailed to

Forms for turning in Big 8 stats are available at the Grundy County Herald office or can be emailed to you. Send your request for stat sheets to

Please help the Grundy County Herald ensure ALL Big 8 results are turned in and turned in timely this year!



Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2013 at 1:41 pm