GCHS Cross Country Team

Posted on Tuesday, October 15, 2013 at 4:02 pm

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Last week the GCHS Cross Country (XC) team attended the John Freeman Invitational at Webb School and achieved a milestone in the annals of GCHS sports history.

The meet began with the girls’ event, and GCHS junior Julie Nance immediately placed herself firmly in fifth place. In an excellent demonstration of her determination and strength, Julie surpassed other runners during the last 300 yards of her 3.1 miles and finished as a third-place medalist with a time of 23:32. This was Julie’s second medal of the season with a previous one at the Warren County Mid-Week Meet.

After seeing this great start, the XC boys were motivated and ready to run. Like Nance, sophomore John David Dickerson immediately positioned himself in fifth place and maintained that position for the entire race. Close behind Dickerson, freshman Jathan Campbell secured tenth place.  John David’s 5K time was 18:50, and Jathan’s time was 19:38. Both runners set personal records with these times and received their first medals of the season.

While XC is only in its second year as a GCHS sport, the team expanded from three to seven boys, which qualifies them to compete as a team. At the John Freeman Invitational, the XC boys battled hornet stings on the trail but finished with outstanding times.

Sophomores Devin King (21:09), JC Beene (21:55), Brandon Nunley (22:26), Austin Campbell (23:26), and junior Koty Anderson (25:17) combined their times with those of Dickerson and J. Campbell and secured third place in team competition: the first team placement for GCHS Cross Country!

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