Grundy’s August Weather Report

Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2013 at 11:00 am

August 2013 was one of the coolest ever and I’m sure will be looked back on fondly in the years ahead. August is usually red-hot but maybe old Mother Nature thought it was time to do something n ice after soaking us with rain this year.

Big Creek Utility District’s dam at Coalmont is an official reporting station for the National Weather Service and they measured 3.75 inches of August rainfall. Here in “rainy Palmer, we had just 2.8 inches of rain in August and we’re glad it is drying up.

In these modern days people are so addicted to air conditioning that you seldom see anyone out in the heat of an August day. When was the lat time you saw someone sitting on the porch “fanning” with one of the little handheld fans funeral homes used to give away? Or, saw someone driving down the road with the car windows down?

You might have seen it this August though. On August 17, the high was only 69 degrees and the hottest day of the month was just 87 degrees on August 30. August had 19 days with highs on the 80’s and 11 days with highs in the very comfortable 70’s.

The mountains of Grundy County are known for “good sleeping weather” lots of times during the summer. The low temperature for August was 53 degrees on August 14 and 10 mornings had low’s in the 50’s. September should really have some good sleeping weather, so enjoy.

This weather report may also be viewed soon on the Grundy County Historical Society website at

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