Health Check – Tips for Teen with Diabetes

Posted on Wednesday, September 4, 2013 at 10:18 am

The key to taking care of diabetes is to keep your blood sugar as close to normal as you can. Here’s how.

Make healthy food choices

Choose fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, low-fat meets, low-fat or skim milk, whole grain or brown rice, and beans

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and try to eat at the same time each day

Baked broiled or grilled choices are best – remove skin and all the fat you see

Use small amounts of oil and low-fat margarine, salad dressing, and mayo (leaving off 1 tablespoon of salad dressing a day for one year means you left off 22+ cups of dressing!)

Avoid butter, fatty meats like bacon and hot dogs, and fried foods

Choose snacks wisely

Be Active

Play basketball or soccer, ride a bike, or go for a brisk walk

Be active for 60 minutes every day. You can break it up into 20 minutes, 3 times a day

Keep TV and computer time to less than 2 hours each day

Be at a healthy weight

Eat smaller servings of food and be active. This can also help with your blood pressure and help you not gain weight. If you are trying to lose weight, it will help you get it off and keep it off.

Ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for you

Take your medications

Teens with Type 1 need insulin. Teens with Type 2 diabetes may need to take insulin or pills.

Make sure to take your medicine as instructed each day.

Check your blood sugars

Learn how to check your blood sugar at home with a meter. Know your numbers and what they mean!

Take care of your diabetes to live a long and healthy life and do all the things your friends do. If you take care of your diabetes, you will feel better, have more energy and can lower your risk for other health problems. Many people with diabetes have high blood pressure and high cholesterol which can harm blood vessels and cause heart attacks or strokes. Too much sugar in your blood stream can damage your eyes and kidneys plus cause problems with your toes and feet, your gums and teeth. The good news is that when you take care of your diabetes you can avoid or reduce these problems.

Visit – The National Diabetes Education Program to request free tip sheets like this to help you.

Learn from the tips and put them into action!

Choose Health!





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