Grundy County Preparing For The New School Year

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at 1:17 pm

It is time for Grundy County students and parents to start preparing for the next school year and here are a few things to keep in mind:

The State of Tennessee’s Annual Sales Tax Holiday is held every year on the first Friday in August and ends the following Sunday night. This year’s tax-free holiday weekend begins at 12:01 a.m on Friday, August 2 and ends Sunday, August 4 at 11:59 p.m.

What’s Tax-Free? Tax-free items include clothing with a price of $100 or less per item, school and school art supplies with a price of $100 or less per item and computers with a price of $1,500 or less. These items are exempt from state and local sales tax in Tennessee during the holiday. Local governments are held harmless and are reimbursed lost sales tax revenues by the state.

Who Can Participate? Any individual can make a tax-free purchase during the holiday. However, items purchased for use by a trade or business are not exempt.

Can I Order by Mail, Telephone, E-Mail or Internet? The holiday also includes purchases of qualified items sold via mail, telephone, e-mail or Internet if the customer orders and pays for the item and the retailer accepts the order during the holiday for immediate shipment, even if delivery is made after the exemption period.

What if the Item is Backlogged or on Backorder? If a customer wishes to order a certain tax-free item during the holiday and it is not in stock, the item remains tax-free upon delivery. In other words, backlogs and backorders outside the buyer’s control will not affect the exempt status of tax-free items. Intentionally delayed sales are taxable.

What if I Want to Place an Item on Layaway or Pay for an Item That is Currently On Layaway? Qualified items previously placed on layaway are exempt when the final payment is made during the holiday. Items are also exempt if placed on layaway during the holiday and the final payment is made after the exemption period.

The Grundy County “Back to School Bash” will be August 12 at the Grundy County High School from 9:00 a.m. to noon. There will be free healthy snacks, free school supplies, free haircuts, and health education. Supplies are limited and it is on a first come, first serve basis. The child must be present to receive supplies. For more information or to make a donation, call Tonya Garner at 931-967-3826 or email

New/Transfer student enrollment: Any PK-12th grade student not enrolled in Grundy County Schools will need to register for school on August 1 or August 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Grundy County High School. Students should bring their birth certificate, social security card, up-to-date Tennessee shot record, proof of custody if not living with their parents and proof of physical address. Students without this information cannot be enrolled. Pre-K students must also bring proof of income.

Any student who has had a physical change of address and needs to transfer elementary schools will also need to register this day. Students will need to bring proof of their new physical address. No student will be transferred with a P.O. Box. All transfers are subject to approval by the Director of Schools. Students who have had a change of custody and need to transfer elementary schools will need to bring court papers showing legal custody.

NO TRANSFERS will be granted after this registration period except in cases of emergencies or custody issues.

Grundy County Schools Orientation: Grundy County Schools Orientation for grades K-9 will be Thursday, August 22. Students in grades K-9 will need to attend school from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Teachers will use this opportunity to go over class rules and schedules so students will be prepared to begin instruction on Monday, August 26, the first full day of classes. Buses will run and students will be in class on this day.

Elementary Dress Code: The Standard School Attire policy will be in effect during the school day and summer programs throughout the school year and after-school activities. Students’ dress and grooming will be appropriate, clean, and neat. All clothing and appearance must meet reasonable standards of safety and not disrupt or distract the educational process. The disruption or distraction can be determined by the administration and/or the teacher. Chests and midriffs MUST be covered. Underwear must be covered and not seen. No piece of clothing can have advertising or imagery containing substances that are illegal or language or writing that is otherwise inappropriate or offensive. No pajama/lounge pants.

Appropriate corrective/disciplinary action will be taken by the school administration if a student comes to school in clothing that is not deemed to be appropriate. Corrective/disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, calling parents to bring appropriate clothing, detention, in-school suspension and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate. If student is unable to change into dress compliant clothing, he or she will be assigned ISS for the remainder of the day.

For the first offense: verbal warning and student must change into appropriate dress code attire and improper dress is documented as to what the exact offense was.

For the second offense: two days ISS Phase I.

For the third offense: three days ISS Phase I and student must change into appropriate dress code attire.

For the fourth offense: three days ISS Phase II.

For the fifth offense: alternative school and/or the student will be required to wear a school uniform for the remainder of the year (school uniform is standard blue jeans or blue or black slacks with a polo shirt either blue, white, black or gray).

Employee Dress Code: Grundy County Board of Education employees serve as role models for the students and as representatives of Grundy County Schools. Consistent with these roles, all employees shall dress professionally and appropriately relative to their specific job duties and responsibilities.

Administrators and administrative support employees, teachers (including substitute teachers), and teacher support personnel, are expected to project a professional image that sets positive examples for students and shall dress in business or business casual attire. Dress and casual slacks, including khakis, are allowed for both men and women; dress Capri pants and dress gauchos are also allowed for women (both must be mid-calf or longer). Casual shirts with collars (golf shirts, polo shirts, etc), sweaters, blouses and turtlenecks are allowed. Casual dresses, jumpers and skirts, are allowed. Those that are split at or below the knee are acceptable.

School based personnel shall follow this policy on all workdays. Principals may designate days when reasonable modifications to this policy may be made (blue jeans may be worn for: Casual Fridays, Homecoming week and field trips, etc.). All other personnel shall follow the policy on all workdays unless directed differently by their supervisors.

Physical education teachers and coaches shall wear business casual attire when not actively teaching physical education classes or coaching. Appropriate dress is also expected of cafeteria, maintenance, janitorial, and transportation personnel and may include the wearing of uniforms or other apparel approved by their principals or supervisors. Vocational teachers must wear OSHA approved clothing when teaching Career and Technical Education classes. The Director has the authority to allow reasonable accommodations for Nurses, CDC teachers and aides, and other personnel whose job responsibilities may require the wear of attire other than business casual.

All employees must wear and display their Board of Education issued photo identification badge at all times.

An employee’s dress may not be so unusual, inappropriate or lacking in cleanliness that it disrupts classroom or learning activities. Examples of attire considered inappropriate for school system employees include but are not limited to jewelry affixed to an employee’s nose, tongue, cheek, lip or eyebrow; clothing or lack of clothing that is disruptive, provocative, revealing, or indecent; revealing necklines, tattoos, bare midriffs, and excessively tight clothing (that might reveal undergarments); sandals (beach type)/flip flops/crocs; tank tops or spaghetti strap tops; undergarments worn as an outer garment or any see-through clothing that reveals an undergarment; hats, visors, sunglasses, and bandannas (may be worn outside but must be removed when inside the workplace); T-shirts; denim (any color) jeans; shorts; athletic wear (warm up suit/pants, jogging pants); and any item of clothing or jewelry, or any unnatural hair color that creates a disruption of the school environment/learning activities.

Supervisors and administrators are required to enforce this policy. Reasonable accommodations shall be made as approved in writing by the appropriate supervisor for those employees who, because of a sincerely held religious belief, cultural heritage, or medical reason with written documentation, request a waiver of a particular part of this policy for dress or appearance.

The Board expects the Director of Schools to require all principals to enforce the above dress code for personnel.

The following is the Grundy County school calendar for 2013-14:

August 22 – Orientation – 8:00 to 11:00 a.m.

August 26 – First Full Day of Classes

September 2 – Labor Day – No School

September 16 – Elementary Progress Reports

September 25 – GCHS Progress Reports

October 4 – End of First Six Weeks

October 9 – Elementary Report Cards

October 10 – Elementary PTC (parent teacher conference)

October 29 – Elementary Progress Reports

October 29 – End of First Nine Weeks

November 6 – GCHS Report Cards

November 7 – GCHS PTC

November 15 – End of Second Six Weeks

November 21 – Elementary Report Cards

November 27, 28, 29 – Thanksgiving Break – No School

December 2 – GCHS Progress Reports

December 11 – Elementary Progress Reports

December 20 – Abbreviated Day – 8:00 to 10:00 a.m.

December 23 – January 3 – Christmas Break – No School

January 15 – End of First Semester

January 23 – Report Cards Elementary and High School

January 29 – 100 Days

February 5 – Elementary Progress Reports

February 14 – Professional Development – No Students

February 19 – GCHS Progress Reports

February 27 – End of Fourth Six Weeks

March 5 – Elementary Report Cards

March 6 – Elementary PTC

March 13 – Elementary Progress Reports

March 14 – Professional Development – No Students

March 21 – End of Third Nine Weeks

March 31 – April 4 – Spring Break – No School

April 9 – GCHS Report Cards

April 10 – GCHS PTC

April 11 – End of Fifth Six Weeks

April 23 – Elementary Report Cards

April 29 – GCHS Progress Reports

May 8 – Elementary Progress Reports

May 5-9 – TCAP

May 12-16 – EOC

May 30 – Administration Day – No Students

Mary 30 – Graduation Day

May 31 – Last Day of School – Abbreviated Day






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