Judge Perry Announces Re-Election Decision

After serving the citizens of the district since 1986, 12th Judicial District Circuit Judge Buddy Perry has announced he will not seek re-election to the judgeship. In making the announcement Perry said, “This is a difficult decision to make, not because of a desire to continue in office, but because of all the friends, colleagues, associates and wonderful people throughout the district I will miss seeing, talking with and working with.

I have been blessed to have tremendous support throughout the 12th District for all these years and for that I will be eternally grateful.” Perry expressed his appreciation to the other judges in the district who he has served with, Circuit Judge Curtis Smith, Circuit Judge Rusty Graham and Chancellor Jeff Stewart he especially singled out, but also included his appreciation to all the General Sessions Judges and Municipal Judges serving within the district.

“It’s not an easy job to make decisions that impact people’s lives, many times in a negative way, and I know from my experiences how these decisions can impact the Judge’s life as well,” said Perry.

“I want to particularly say how grateful I am for the opportunity to have worked very closely with Steve Blount from the District Attorney’s Office and Bob Morgan who serves in the Public Defender’s Office,” said Perry. “These two men have been representatives from their respective office to the District Drug Court TEAM and have spent untold hours, off the clock I might add, in helping many of our addicts in the district find the help they need.”

Perry mentioned that there are so many fine people that keep the court system running and all are dedicated to serving justice. “All of the Circuit Court Clerks and all those in that office throughout the District have worked extremely hard to make my job easier,” said Perry. “I am also grateful for all the support from the Court Reporters and Court Officers from across the District who have kept us organized, on track and safe during my years in office.”

“I would be remiss,” Perry continued, “if I did not thank my Assistant Kay Crownover for allowing me to work with her since first elected. She has been a rock, always knowing what’s scheduled, where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to have with me. I’ve told folks over the years that I work in Kay’s office but she lets me go to court.”

Perry added his family to those he thanked by saying, “My family, my Mom and Dad, my son, Mark and my wife of 46 years, Jean have all supported me and allowed me to work in a field that I love and even though there have been difficult times, they were always there to encourage, pick me up, and urge me to go forward. I can never express how much I love and appreciate them.”

“I know this reads like a love letter,” said Perry, “and it is. I have loved my job, the people I have worked with, of course my family and friends and I also very much appreciate the voters of the district who allowed me to serve them for so long. I will have served for 28 years when this election cycle comes around, and I want this to be an opportunity to express my gratitude for those who have helped, supported, and voted for me. Thank you all.”


Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2013 at 1:27 pm