2013-2014 GCHS Dress Code

1.   All clothing must be clean, appropriate for school, and size appropriate.  Inappropriate logos are not allowed. Inappropriate logos include, but are not necessarily limited to:

a. Discrimination against any individual or group;

b. Promotion of violation of school rules;

c. Depiction of the use of drugs, tobacco, or alcohol; and

d. Encouragement of violence, gang/cult affiliations, and the use of weapons or intimidation.

2.   Skirts and dresses shall be knee length when the girl is standing erect.  Slits in dresses or skirts shall not exceed three inches above the front and/or back of the knee.  Form fitting clothing such as spandex shorts will not be permitted.  Tights or leggings may be worn with clothing that is dress code compliant.

3.   Pants must be worn above the hip bone; sagging/bagging is not allowed.  No midriff/back skin may be visible at any time.

4.   All clothing must be traditional crew neck.  All tops, shirts, blouses, and dresses must be appropriate for the school environment.  Tops, shirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen, back, shoulders, midriffs, and cleavage.  See through outfits, bare midriffs, open backs, low-cut tops, tank tops, halter tops, crop shirts, etc. are not allowed.  Tops that are not traditional crew neck must have a traditional crew neck garment underneath the outer garment.

5.   Footwear is required and must be worn; footwear must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities.

6.   Clothing and accessories including, but not limited to, book bags, backpacks, belt buckles, patches, jewelry, and notebooks must not contain or have printed on them racial/ethnic slurs or symbols, gang symbols/affiliations, or vulgar, obscene, subversive, sexually suggestive language, symbols, or images.  Clothing and accessories such as book bags, backpacks, belt buckles, patches, jewelry and notebooks shall not be derogatory to any individual or groups, or disruptive to the school environment.  Clothing shall not have holes.  Clothing and accessories shall not promote products which students may not legally buy such as alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, and controlled substances or promote violence.

7.   Visible body piercing jewelry must not pose a threat to the student’s safety nor be disruptive to the peace and good order of the school.  (Administration reserves the right to deny these items to be worn if deemed to be disruptive to the school’s daily operation.)

8.   Items which are prohibited include, but may not be limited to:

a. Head apparel (hats/caps, scarves, hair picks, stocking caps, hair curlers, the hoods on hoodies or jackets, etc.) inside the school building, except for medical purposes – doctor’s verification of need is required;

b. Sunglasses inside the school building, except for health purpose – doctor’s verification of need is required.

c. Large, long and/or heavy chains (inclucing billfold chains);

d. No sleepwear (example: pajamas or house slippers)

The Principal may allow exceptions for some of the above listed items for special school activities.  The administration reserves the right to prohibit certain clothing and/or accessories if in their judgment are deemed a distraction to the daily operation of the school day.

Appropriate corrective/disciplinary action will be taken by the school administration if a student comes to school in clothing that is not deemed to be appropriate.  Corrective/disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, calling parents to bring appropriate clothing, detention, in-school suspension and/or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate.  If student is unable to change into dress compliant clothing, he/she will be assigned ISS for the remainder of the day.


1st offense:    Verbal warning and student must change into appropriate dress code attire and improper dress is documented as to what the exact offense was

2nd offense:   If the exact documented offense is repeated (for example the same shirt was worn) then skip to the Consequence for a 3rd offense, otherwise, 2 hours detention and student must change into appropriate Dress code attire

3rd offense:    3 days ISS Phase I and student must change into appropriate dress code attire

4th offense:    3 days ISS Phase II

5th offense:    Alternative School and/or the student will be required to wear a school uniform for the remainder of the year (school uniform is standard blue jeans or blue or black slacks with a polo shirt either blue, white, black, or gray)



Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 8:59 am