Health Check

Grundy County’s second Reversing Diabetes Seminar held in Tracy City is beginning to yield results. Forty-one class participants came one or more nights with an average nightly attendance of 22 plus all the support staff putting on the programs. Preliminary results show the reported morning fingerstick blood sugars of class participants have gone from an average of 136 to 123, a drop of 13 points! Other positive results show a total weight loss of 85 pounds. Average blood pressure has dropped from 148/86 to 135/80.

After a 30-day trial of incorporating better choices into one participant’s diet plus daily activities, his morning blood sugar had dropped from 275 to 125. His doctor rechecked his A1c and in those 30 days it had decreased from 11.4 – 11.1 (normal 5.8 or less). His doctor is very happy with the improvement after such a short time and is allowing this person to continue with the lifestyle changes without putting him on additional medications. Many class participants have seen good improvement in their blood pressures and in general, are also feeling better.

We have completed the first 6 weekly meetings. We will continue to meet once a month for follow-up. In addition to lectures and a brief exercise time, we have food sampling, share recipes and occasionally a cooking demonstration. We also have drawings for gifts, which have varied from recipe ingredients, cookbooks, fun picture books plus someone won a waffle iron!

Our first Reversing Diabetes Seminar participants from Gruetli-Laager will be graduating on August 15! We will hold a special program and dinner that evening for these participants and their families. Within the next 3-4 weeks, they will also be having their A1c blood levels rechecked and we will be able to report those results by the time of their graduation.

The Health Council and Diabetes Coalition are considering other ways to have informational and educational programs for more Grundy County residents. We are extremely grateful to the Community Fund for funding our grant request for additional money to be used for diabetes education and prevention. Together we want to make a difference for each person in our county, making our lives better by preventing the terrible complications impacting persons with diabetes and their families.

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Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at 8:54 am