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The closing bell of another school year is coming soon. When pondering what to write about this week, I sat on the front porch with a notepad and pencil. I just started writing my memories of summer. Before long I’d turn the page and was writing on the second sheet of paper! What fun! I vividly remember meeting chiggers and ticks my very first day in Tennessee. I learned to love picking blackberries and savoring the sweet taste of blackberry cobbler. Nothing could beat swimming in the creek on a sweltering summer day. I wish those kinds of memories for all my young friends.

So I asked around to see what summer activities might be available to our Grundy County kids. One camp is already ‘full’ and many of the church programs are just in the evenings. But then I got an e-mail telling about the camp programs at Mountain T.O.P. I can see lots of kids making gobs of fun memories at these camps. So I’m sharing this information and I hope you will see to it that your child, grandchild, niece or nephew has an opportunity to attend camp this summer. Our kids need to be up and moving and engaged in fun activities. These things can contribute to their health.

Mountain T.O.P. has summer day camp programs throughout the entire summer for children/youth 6-11 and 12-17 living in Grundy County. They offer 3 weeks of Day Camp for children ages 6-11 and those dates are June 17-21, July 1-5, and July 15-19. Children are exposed to crafts, career day, a day of service and a nature day.

Kaleidoscope is for children ages 6-11 with special needs OR who have an interest in the arts. It’s offered June 10-14. Workshops may include: Horse Therapy, Drama, Cooking and 3D Art.

Summer Plus is for teenagers ages 12-17 and is offered June 25-29. Workshops may include: Music, Paper Art, Photography, Sports, Cooking/Baking and hands on crafts.

Quest is a camp that challenges teenagers ages 12-17 to build their character through various activities and is offered July 8-12. Activities may include: rock climbing, canoeing, high ropes course, low ropes course and a service project day.

All programs cost $25/week, which includes transportation, lunch, and a t-shirt. Permission slips and health forms for each program can be found at under the forms and applications tab on the home page or can be picked up at our office at Camp Cumberland Pines. Call 692-3999 for more information or email

When the opening school bell rings in the fall, what will stand out as the best summer memories you made with your family? Memories don’t just happen; we have to make them happen. Good memories help to anchor us when tough times come. They give us courage, happiness and sweet contentment.

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Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 2:09 pm