Grundy County “Don’t Meth With Us” Program Kicks Off

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 at 2:04 pm

The 2013 “Don’t Meth with Us” program was presented to all fourth through seventh grade Grundy County elementary students this week. This annual program is provided by the Rotary Club of Grundy County and sponsored by donations from individuals, churches, and businesses in and around Grundy County. During the presentation, Sandy Spies, past president of the Rotary Club and president of S Double A Ranch, described the poisonous ingredients of methamphetamines and the life-threatening dangers involved in manufacturing it. Pictures and demonstrations were real attention-getters for the young students who were surprised to learn that such ingredients as Drano, acids, and cleaning solvents are used to manufacture these mind and body altering substances. Spies cautioned that a new form of crystal meth is being given to young boys and girls in a form which looks like candy in order to hook them on meth. Students were given a “Don’t Meth with Us” T-shirt, wristband, and Rotary key chain.  They were also presented with a pledge card encouraging them to stay away from meth and other illegal drugs. Pictured are students at Pelham Elementary School, which participated in this year’s “Don’t Meth With Us” Program.

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