Animal Alliance Reaches Spay/Neuter Milestone

Posted on Tuesday, April 30, 2013 at 2:40 pm

Animal Alliance South Cumberland (AASC) celebrated a milestone during their April 16 transport. A 45 pound Pit Bull Terrier named Felony was the 2,000th pet “fixed” as a result of this all-volunteer organization’s on-going effort to reduce the number of unwanted and abandoned dogs and cats on the South Cumberland Plateau. AASC provides affordable and accessible spays and neuters for companion pets and stray animals. Felony’s family took her in because her original owner was going to dispose of this beautiful sweet dog. Felony’s new family loved her enough to call Animal Alliance and get her spayed. Felony received a bag of Nutro dog food as a prize for being the 2000th pet. Not only will she live a healthier life, Felony and her family are a part of the solution to stopping pet abandonment on the mountain.

Felony is now a member of one of AASC’s focus areas – large dogs, weighing 40 lbs or more. AASC received our second special grant to “fix” large dogs because dogs over 40 pounds are more likely to be kept outdoors, thus allowing greater opportunities for them to breed, resulting in unwanted pregnancies. Large dogs have more puppies per litter, making it even more difficult to find homes for them all. We can’t adopt our way out of the pet overpopulation problem, on the mountain or anywhere else, and these animals are abandoned and left to live horror-ridden, shortened, unloved lives. This special grant allows AASC to further reduce the spay/neuter cost to owners of large dogs.

AASC also recognized Max, a little black and white male Rat Terrier puppy as their 2001 pet to be fixed through their program. Max qualified for the $10 “Fix by 4 Months” special made possible by a grant from the Community Fund of the South Cumberland Plateau. Max was also an unwanted puppy who was going to be abandoned. The family who adopted this gorgeous little guy understands the importance of neutering male dogs, not just “fixing” the females. Takes two!  By the time a male puppy is four months of age, he can already be marking his territory and roaming, looking for as many “dates” as he can find. The Fix at Four Program also gave Max a bag of Nutro dog food for being chosen as the 2001 pet AASC has helped “fix.”

Animal Alliance was formed in October 2008 and conducts monthly pet transports to Wally’s Friends Spay/Neuter Clinic in Red Bank, TN. Our mission is to stop the abandonment of unwanted pet by making spaying and neutering companion pets both affordable and available to our residents. We want to thank all the grant providers and major supporters who have helped us reach our milestone of 2,000 spays and neuters, including The Community Fund of the South Cumberland Plateau, PETCO Foundation, Northwestern Mutual Foundation, the Onyx & Breezy Foundation, and the Pedigree Foundation. We also want to thank Judy Magavero from Computer Help for maintaining our website, and thank all of our dedicated volunteers and board members, and those in the community who have donated to our program.

You can learn more about AASC’s programs, volunteer opportunities, and need for donations by calling 931-235-9006 or by visiting AASC’s website at



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