Health Check – Obesity

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 2:57 pm

Sometimes the truth hurts but we need a reality check. Here’s what the CDC has to say about our fat levels. 

1990 –                 no reporting state had more than 15% incidence of obesity

2000 –                 no state had less than a 10% obesity rate nor more than 25%

2001 –                 added a new marker of >25%

2005 –                 added another new marker indicating obesity rates higher than >30%

2010 –                 no state had less than 20% obesity

12 states had a higher than 30% obesity rate – and that included Tennessee

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports our leisure time for an average day in 2011 for all persons 15 years and older was 5 hours. Of this time, 18 minutes were spent in sports, exercise or recreation. The rest of those hours were spent in watching TV, computer time or reading.

On average we are each eating 700 more calories a day than what we did in 1970.  The US Department of Agriculture reports that increase as 200 fat calories PLUS 200 calories per day of refined foods such as flour and cereal. The rest is coming from dairy, meat and sweeteners. During the same time period, the number of fruits and vegetable calories has remained the same. 3,500 calories taken in and not used equals 1 added pound of weight gain!

Putting these two statistics together helps us see why we are becoming more and more obese as a nation.

Suggested solutions for reversing this trend include:

Eat more fruits and vegetables that are not refined and processed

Eat less fried foods

Eat less sugary foods – the body turns excess sugar into fat

Incorporate exercise into every activity of your day

Take part in community events planned throughout the county

The Grundy County Health Council is concerned about the numbers being reported to us. We are endeavoring to provide additional fun activities so that you and your family can become involved with group activities in our community.

Both North and Coalmont Elementary Schools have held a “Family Fun Run” event. Everyone enjoyed the activities plus the delicious salad bar and fruit bar provided free of charge after the event. The same event will be held at Tracy City this Friday afternoon.

The countywide 5K Warrior Fun Run will be held Saturday May 4. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. at North Elementary School in Altamont. The run begins at 9:00 a.m. Donations are being accepted in place of a registration fee and all proceeds will be used to help build a walking track at the school. There will be lots of free gifts plus all the children who participate will receive a free T-shirt. Everyone who finishes the race will receive a free water bottle. So buddy up with someone plus bring all the extended family to come cheer you on as you participate with the run. We welcome all walkers too!

Ultimately, it’s up to you to make good choices.

Choose Health!

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