Big Creek Lake Project

Posted on Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 2:43 pm

In September 2012 at a Grundy First meeting a committee, consisting of Jeff and Tammy Sholey, Patricia and Wade Campbell, Michael Yates, and Michael Brady, was formed to construct a park on the county-owned land on Big Creek Lake. They applied for a grant with the Community Fund of the South Cumberland Plateau to build a large concrete pad with a pavilion, two small concrete pads, several picnic tables, sand, and trashcans for use by everyone in the community. Members of the community came together to bush hog and do the basic clean up as well as construct the facility. The committee wishes to thank Mike Meeks, June Bug Meeks, Devon Meeks, Blake rich, Dwight Sholey, Dean Cleek, Josh Cleek, Jeff Morrison, Doyel Shrum, Clint Tate, Trey Foster, Tommy Scissom, Weldon Brown, Chris Grooms, Ken Zecona and his son, Lonnie Cleek, Nathan Sanders, Heather Killian, I.M.I. Concrete, L&L Mart, and the Community Fund of the South Cumberland Plateau for all the time, labor and material donated to make this project a success. Stop by and take at look at this beautiful area completed with the help of community volunteers.

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