“A Glance Back”

Posted on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 3:41 pm

Well, here we are again with another “Glance Back”. This time we go back to the Grundy County Herald dated March 31, 1949.

The Tracy City Airport has been leased by Mr. C.H. Kilby and Rev. Waddell Roberts, according to rumors one hears on the streets, however it is fact that the east-west runway has been graded to permit landings. Several flights were made recently by pilot Roberts and Kilby. John Tate, local contractor, is erecting a hanger at the south end of the north-south runway near Highway 56.

The Tracy City Airport was started in 1933 or 1934, when W.P.A. was in full swing. The airport was never finished and has been lying idle in an unfinished condition ever since. Unquestionably an airport on the mountain would be a valuable asset and would furnish encouragement to local air enthusiasts. It is hoped that this surge of interest in flying will be continuous and ultimately produce a first rate airport for this section along with an ever increasing corps of local pilots and home-owned planes.

In the next issue on April 7, 1949, a photo on the front page of the Grundy County Herald show the airport hanger under construction local workers, Henry Dove, J.B. Owens and Arnold Dove.

Turner’s Note: The W.P.A., Works Progress Administration, hired workers under a depression area conditions when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was in office.

In the March 3, 1949 edition of the Grundy County Herald is this article about a friend of mine when he was serving in the U.S. Navy. They list his real name but we always knew him by his nickname “Sunny Boy” Sweeton.

Marshal D. Sweeton, U.S.N., son of Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Sweeton, is serving aboard the 45,000 ton aircraft carrier U.S. Midway, operating in the Mediterranean area. In the course of its present tour of duty, the Midway has visited the ports of Gibraltar, Tripoli, North Africa, Augusta, Sicily, Naples, Italy and Nice, France. The ship is scheduled to arrive in Norfolk, Virginia, sometimes in March.

Sweeton, who entered naval service September 14, 1946, received recruit training at the Naval Training Center, Bainbridge, Maryland.

One more item for this “Glance Back.”

Susan Paige Nunley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carl David Nunley of Tracy City, celebrated her second birthday Sunday, March 22, with a birthday supper at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Geary.

Her cake was pink with two candles and was made by her grandmother, Mrs. Geary.

Others present besides Susan, her parents and her grandparents, were her brother, David, Linda Sue Geary, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Tucker, and Wanda, Mary Geary, Jane Geary Gibbs, Roland Finchum of Tullahoma and Bobby Rose of Monteagle.

This article is from the North Grundy Star dated March 26, 1964, so I guess this young lady is going to have a birthday right after this “Glance Back” comes out, so Happy Birthday, young lady, from the writer of “A Glance Back.”

Hold on – stop the presses. I just checked some more of my old records and guess what? Mrs. Julie Harris had a birthday this past Monday, March 18. So, Happy Birthday to this fine lady. If you see her or her daughter, Peggy, tell her to tell her mother “Happy Birthday.”

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